Secular Women Work Conference – 3 Days Left!

I am an activist. I believe that change is possible, and that the way to make change happen is to get involved. The manifestation of “involvement” looks different for every person, but I believe that everyone has something to contribute: a story to share, a financial contribution, a vote, time, a helping hand. When we choose to become involved, we become activists.

While everyone can be an activist, a lot of us wonder how to get there, or if what we’re doing is really “activism.” It helps to have a community of people who share our goals, who we can seek out when we have questions, a desire to share resources, or if we’re looking to get our foot in the door to discover how we want to contribute and where we want to focus our efforts.

Stephanie Zvan, my friend and fellow Freethought Blogger, is organizing a conference called Secular Women Work, which is attempting to bring together just such a community of activists. A main focus of the conference will be on developing secular activists, and all people are welcome to attend.

From the Kickstarter website:

At Secular Women Work, you will find workshops: both hands-on exercises to develop your skills and facilitated group discussions where you can share challenges and solutions with other activists. You will find panels on specialist topics, with panelists who can help you broaden the horizons of your activism. And when you’re ready for a rest, you’ll find speakers who will entertain and inspire you with stories and lessons from their own work. In between it all, you’ll find a conference full of other activists who want to make a difference in the world.

I really want this conference to happen. I am very lucky that this is taking place in Minneapolis – very convenient for me! – but this is one of those conferences for which I would travel. The early speaker list is amazing, the networking possibilities will be incredible, the secular activism focus sounds invigorating!

I have pledged my support for this conference through the Secular Women Work Kickstarter – which ends in three days. If you want to attend, you can purchase tickets there. If you’re not up to attending, but want to see it happen, consider showing financial support. If you have a business that you would like to promote to attendees of Secular Women Work, there is an option to purchase ad space in the conference booklet (which helps fund the Kickstarter).

Help support secular activism. Fund Secular Women Work.

Three days, y’all.

Secular Women Work Conference – 3 Days Left!
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