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I have two reading recommendations and one restaurant review for you from the land of spoon and cherry.

Robin Marty – Joining the Other Side

Robin Marty is an independent journalist, well-known for her articles on reproductive justice. She is based in Minnesota, the author of Crow After Roe, and she has recently published an article on Contributoria called Joining the Other Side. The article is about the week she spent in Washington D.C. this January observing the annual March for Life…ugh…celebration. She speaks about watching die-ins, clinic protests, panels and sharing drinks with anti-abortion activists like Jill Stanek and Troy Newman at after parties. 

Shannon Drury – The Radical Housewife

Shannon Drury shares stories about raising her children as a white, middle-class housewife in my stomping grounds of south Minneapolis. As part of her adventures she starts a blog that garners her some attention, becomes an author for the Minnesota Women’s Press, and is elected president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Organization for Women. Drury discusses the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom, generational feminism, the dreary side of reading the comments on her blog The Radical Housewife, and grassroots and national activism. For me it was interesting local reading from an interesting local writer.

Ecopolitan Restaurant – Lyndale Ave, south Minneapolis

After you have climbed the steps, passed the sandwich board announcing colon hydrotherapy, entered into the homey entryway, and opened the interior door (go to your right, not through to the naturopath or whatever wooey practice is currently operating out of the other side of the house/office), you’ll find yourself in the small, intimate dining area of Ecopolitan. Ecopolitan is a restaurant specializing in vegan, raw, organic, gluten-free food. You won’t get ice with your water, your soup will be cold and your pasta will be made of zucchini. This place is Ron Swanson’s worst nightmare.

But if you have food restrictions (like oh, say… gluten intolerance), this place can be pretty awesome. If you like creative, complex salads, this is your place. If you want vegan macaroni and cheese, they’ve got you covered. Mock tuna patties on sunflower crisps? Oh yeah. Zesty burritos and rawvioli? They make those too. Carrot cake. I had carrot cake for the first time in years, y’all.

Flax seed crackers in the background. Front and center: sweet onions, basil, olives smother a cashew cheese log.

This is a cashew cheese log smothered in tomatoes, olives, sweet marinated onions, basil and balsamic. We scrapped the plate clean.

yellow noodles piled on a bed of spinach, surrounded by a ring of tomatoes and topped with spinach and cashew cheese crumbles.

This is vegan, organic, raw, gluten-free macaroni and cheese – zucchini noodles on top of a bed of spinach and tomatoes, topped with more spinach and cheese. All of the cheeses are made using various magical hippie manipulations of cashews. 

A brown bar topped with a layer of frosting, a bit of brown sauce is drizzled artistically on the white ceramic plate.

Carrot cake. It looks like carrot cake. It smelled like carrot cake. It very nearly almost tasted like carrot cake. The Russian judge would have given this a 10.

Get past the woo, stay for the noms.

Local Lefty Liberal Progressive Hippie Things
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