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Did you hear about Oklahoma abortion doctor Naresh Patel who did some illegal, horrible things and was consequently investigated, arrested and had his medical license pulled? Yeah, so did every anti-abortion supporter and organization in the country. And boy are they gloating about that and using it as an excuse to rally the troops. They’re trying to paint Patel’s arrest as the turning of the tide, as a sign that Americans are starting to see that abortion is an arrest-worthy crime.

One organization, Pro-Life Action League (PLAL), got soooooo excited about this idea that they came up with an awesome campaign which they coordinated with last Thursday, the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. They sent care packages (because they care) to abortion doctors all over the country, which consisted of a picture of Naresh Patel in handcuffs, a pair of plastic handcuffs and a note that said “Could you be next? If you want to get out of the abortion business, give me a call – Eric Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League”

What a smarmy, gross, fallacious campaign.

Naresh Patel was not arrested for providing abortions. The government is not bringing him up on charges to punish him for providing abortion. Abortion is legal and you cannot be arrested for it. Patel was arrested for fraud. No abortion provider will “be next” unless they get caught committing fraud.

But this doesn’t matter to Eric Schleider, executive director of PLAL, who – in a truly gag-worthy, gloat-filled video, claims that abortion is “extremely corrupting” and that being an abortion doctor will naturally lead you to “other” criminal activities. The PLAL article on the “care packages” implies the same thing. Quote: “It’s no surprise that someone willing to kill unborn babies for a living would turn to crime.” And to make their point, they list three abortion doctors who have been charged with crimes.

Hey PLAL – being a doctor doesn’t make you a good person. Lots of people who also happen to be doctors (and not just abortion doctors!) have been charged with crimes. And do you know what else? Doctors aren’t the only people who have been accused of crimes. We’ve got a fairly long list of anti-abortion activists who have been charged with criminal activity like arson, vandalism, stalking, assault and murder. Hmm…what do you think is the corrupting force in those crimes?

What Naresh Patel did was wrong. He broke laws that have been put in place to discourage doctors from taking advantage of the patients who trust them, and so he was arrested. He committed crimes that warranted professional censure, and so his medical license was revoked. Doctors that operate within the law while they provide safe and legal abortion don’t have to worry about being arrested.

I’m happy to see that this publicity stunt hasn’t been getting a lot of coverage from pro-choice groups. One of the things that PLAL is jumping up and down excitedly about is how the “abortionists” will react to their care packages. Aside from a few derisive laughs and eyerolls, I’m not seeing much of a reaction at all. Sorry, PLAL. Maybe next time. Probably not, though.

Today in Pro-Lifers Annoy Me News
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