Thank you for your not belief!

Well, how lovely is this?

Minnesota Atheists, my local atheist organization, sponsor of Atheists Talk, receiver of my annual membership dues, promoter of volunteer opportunities, supporter of awesome conferences like the upcoming Secular Women Work, received a thank you note from Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for our recent holiday donation. I like to imagine that the letter-writer had a good laugh at our dedication. Their reply certainly had me smiling.

A rote form thank you note from Children's Hospital to Minnesota Atheists. Relevant text is typed below this image.

Image shared with permission from Eric Jayne, Minnesota Atheists

Relevant portion of the text reads: “Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your generous gift given in memory of not believing in Jesus to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Your support ensures that every child who comes through our doors receives excellent medical care in our family-centered environment.”

“We are grateful for donors like you who believe in our mission. Your dedication means that we can offer the best possible care to children and families in our region and across the country. On behalf of the Children’s community and the patients and families you have supported, thank you for your generosity.”


Thank you for your not belief!
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21 thoughts on “Thank you for your not belief!

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    I like to imagine that the letter-writer had a good laugh at our dedication. Their reply certainly had me smiling.

    Well…I guess that’s hard for me to imagine. As a computer engineer, I imagine them just using automated software to replace a place-holder variable with whatever the contributer entered for that field when they did their donation. That would be if the donation where done online. Maybe that wasn’t the case, but, if it was, I can imagine no person there actually having to read that part.

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