Today is the 42nd Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Between work, and planning for this weekend’s FTBConscience 3, and coincidentally, tonight’s last minute quasi-emergency drive to the OBGYN with a friend who just went through a miscarriage and subsequent evacuation – the same process as an abortion – two days ago (she’s doing just fine), I ran out of time to do the super-awesome post that I had planned to do on Doe v. Gomez.

So instead, I shall direct you to Robin Marty’s 2010 post on RHRealityCheck.com, in which she describes the outcome of the ruling in this way:

In 1995, the Minnesota State Supreme Court ruled via Doe vs. Gomez that the right to choose is in fact a fundamental right for women in the state of Minnesota.   Based on this fact, the ruling states that the state cannot selectively cover pregnancy-related services by funding prenatal care and childbirth expenses while refusing to cover abortion services, as such support would be an implicit denial of a woman’s right to chose to carry a child to term or not.  Not funding abortion services then adds “undue financial constraints” to for low-income women, eliminating choice.  Hence, any law that would be passed in the state that would eliminate such abortion funding would necessarily be ruled unconstitutional.

Pretty cool, huh? So when the anti-choice zealots scream that taxpayers are funding abortions, if you live in Minnesota you can proudly reply, “Yes we are!”

I did find a few minutes over my lunch break to celebrate Roe with the Twitterverse using the #7in10forRoe hashtag. And tonight I Storified it to share it here. Enjoy!

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