On my way to DC

Who has two thumbs and is blogging at 30,000 feet?

Laptop selfie of moi with a "thumbs at me" pose

I needed one hand free to click the “shutter” for the laptop selfie, so you’ll just have to trust me on the whole “two thumbs” claim.

Everyone at my workplace has Monday off for Labor Day. I was feeling wanderlusty (heh – that should be a real word) and had three days with not much planned that couldn’t be put off. I browsed airfare to see if I could get anywhere close to Red Rock country; I’ve been wanting to get back to Arches or one of the other big parks in the southwest. Moab, Utah would have been good, but flights were in the $700-$900 range, which was more than I wanted to spend for a spur of the moment get-away.

I called Mom to see if she might want to road trip-share with me – meet somewhere between Hagerstown, Maryland and Minneapolis. After some haggling we came up with splitting airfare for me to Washington DC. Sold!

The flight left this morning at 7am, which means I was awake and in the shower at 4am. The Hubby was awesome enough to get up out of bed and wake up enough to safely drive me to Minneapolis International Airport. Security was a breeze and the time to board seemed to roll around fairly quickly.

One of the things that is making me frustrated and giggly in a sort of “what are you gonna do” kind of way is that the outbound flight has one stop – Salt Lake City, Utah. Yeah.

Descent into Salt Lake City, Utah on a cloudy Saturday morning. The lake and surrounding land is visible with low mountains in the background.

On Friday afternoon I had actually checked out airfare for Salt Lake City as a destination with Delta, and a roundtrip was in the $500 range. But my flight to DC from Minneapolis via SLC was $300.  *shrugs*

According to the in-flight status computer we’re just crossing into West Virginia from Ohio. I should be landing in DC in about 30 minutes. Mom is picking me up at Reagan and we have absolutely no plans. Maybe we’ll hit Baltimore this time. Maybe a drive out to the ocean. Who knows? Additionally, because of the Labor Day weekend, it was $200 cheaper to fly back on Wednesday morning rather than Tuesday so I get to play on the east coast for three and a half days before coming home. Adventure, ahoy!

On my way to DC
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