Sadomasochism isn’t a dirty word.

Today Planned Parenthood supporters and opponents spoke out on Twitter with the hashtag #SexEd. The tweetfest was organized by the anti-abortion organization, Live Action, to denounce the Lurid! Disgusting! Immoral! Dangerous! advice given by Planned Parenthood counselers to a young woman who pretended to have honest questions for them about BDSM. She filmed the clinic workers – without their knowledge – answering the questions openly and honestly. Live Action calls this “undercover investigation.” I call bullshit. The film that Live Action is so very proud of can be seen on YouTube.

The video incorporates a short segment from Laci Green vlogging cheerfully and openly about BDSM and then shows short, heavily clipped footage from a number of different clinic workers speaking about bondage, sadism and masochism with the “undercover investigator.” And today over at #SexEd, Planned Parenthood opponents were up in fucking arms because professionals who are trusted to offer open and shame-free advice about sex were “caught on tape” offering open and shame-free advice on kink – a type of sexual expression.


So outrage. Very kink-shaming. WOW. As supporters of Planned Parenthood, alternative sexuality and sexual health were quick to point out, if you think that consensual BDSM is the same as non-consensual torture, then you clearly don’t have any idea what BDSM or consent is about. At all. Sadomasochism between consenting people? Go for it. Have fun. Be aware of the risks, practice safer kink. Talk about it and ask questions about it, because as Kelz McBelz points out: 


Other notable twitter responses to the anti-kink claptrap (ooo…”claptrap” – that sounds kinky!):



Live Action’s “breaking expose” and the resulting #SexEd hoopla is another big case of “la la la – I can’t hear youuuuuuu!” from Planned Parenthood opponents. Instead of listening to gazillions of people who benefit from Planned Parenthood’s services and who are living happier and healthier lives because of the health care that they receive there, they insist that Planned Parenthood does no good and has a secret agenda to morally bankrupt us all and to promote sex so they can sell more abortions and birth control.

Live Action continues to send dishonest undercover reporters inside clinics to ask leading questions, record the answers to those questions, and then edit the footage in an attempt to make it look like PP workers are doing something wrong. Because if we don’t talk about sex – if we limit access to sexual health information and keep sex mysterious – then we can promote the idea that sex is something that only , married people, bad girls and boisterous (but ultimately good-hearted) boys and men do. And then sex and pregnancy and dirty sex diseases won’t happen – at least not to good girls. La la la la la!

Sadomasochism isn’t a dirty word.
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8 thoughts on “Sadomasochism isn’t a dirty word.

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    Actually, if you had watched the video properly, the young woman, whom the counsellor thought was 15, only raised the question of role play. It was the counsellor who introduced all the BDSM stuff entirely unprompted. It was the counsellor who spent a long time discussing her own sex life. This can hardly be portrayed as attempting to give advice to someone about how to stay safe, given that they are doing a technique anyway. It was about suggesting escalating activity – for a minor. This is illegal. Anyone from the BDSM community would be very careful about limits and very careful indeed not to include minors in this activity. It’s illegal to advocate sexual activity with a child. Moreover, it is a scientific fact that minors are unable to calculate risk and harm in the same way as an adult brain. For this reason alone, it is very very unwise to advocate BDSM to an adolescent as they will be unable to set limits in the same way as an adult. You should know this. You accused Live Action Films of twisting facts but you twist them right from the start of your article. Let alone the LIve Action films where abortion counsellors tell a pimp how to get abortions for his 14 year old prostitutes. How in hell’s name can this all be compatible with liberal values?

    1. 1.1

      Really? Do you even know the history of Live Action? They fuck with people in order to raise outrage to cut funding for Plannned Parenthood, ACORN, NPR, anyhing that they conceive as being “liberal.” They edit and distort and their only interest here is to make PP look like a M.U.N.C.H.

      The BDSM communtiy does not welcome minors to their activities, however it is an interest that doesn’t suddenly bloom at the age of 18. Kids DO deserve to know the facts on how to practice it safely as they do for all sexual activities because as we well now, trying to hide information from kids does not make their interest go away.

    2. 1.2

      haha “scientific fact” what a good joke. It’s a shame you actually believe in that sort of ageist nonsense, as if young adults are somehow children that have no brains at all. It might be true that “they are unable to calculate risk in the same as an adult”, but that doesn’t mean they are completely clueless!

      YOU are obviously UNABLE to form a decent argument, therefore I think YOU should NEVER be allowed to converse with us decent people. Sorry to be CONDESCENDING, but it’s for your own GOOD!

      Yeah, your logic is patently based on foolish histrionics, sorry.

    3. 1.3


      Really? What exactly is “illegal”?

      Please cite the relevant code and any relevant court cases.

      Just because YKINMK, that doesn’t mean it’s illegal to discuss it. Even with a minor (or a putative minor in any event).

      Sad to say, but I think Planned Parenthood needs to look into these recordings and look at relevant state laws. Because you know what is illegal in most states? Recording someone without their permission.

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    @ Laura Boddington : We have already established that that video was heavily and deceptively edited.
    Very much like that pimp video by that lying little scumbag O’Keefe that you mentioned.
    Now,unless you have anything resembling a truthful and factual argument, consider yourself dismissed.

  3. 3

    “We must smother those stupid teenagers by censoring information about how to safely do things they will inevitably be doing in a few years. It is the least offensive option”

    This is just more evidence that those mediocre “pro-life” jerks are really just sanctimonious delusional idealists that can’t handle the harsh reality of our world.

    The religion mind virus sure is oblivious to anything besides its own fears and insecurities!

  4. 4

    Oh please, you think they don’t know the difference between consensual BDSM and torture? Of course they know the difference. They’re just being intellectually dishonest.

    Hell, even non-BDSM people will bite each other and give hickeys.

  5. 5

    I’m curious. Does “watching the video properly” mean that one should assume there are no edits, and that the counselor’s comments were offered unbidden?

    Because I’m a skeptic, I would like to see the unedited footage. #liveactionliars

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