CeCe’s Free

I’ve been thinking about CeCe McDonald a lot lately. That’s not surprising, really, since she was just released from prison. She spent 19 months in men’s prison for killing an attacker while defending her life.

I just…life is so fucking unfair.

I ranted about CeCe’s case in almost two years ago. She was sentenced to 41 months in prison, so she’s getting out early, but still. 19 months. Every time that I think about the fact that I live in a society that sentenced a transgender black woman to prison – a men’s prison! – for defending her life against bigots who targeted her because she is a transgender black woman it makes me angry and whatever the word for sad-angry-frustrated-helpless-to-tears is. And really, really angry.

I’ve been keeping an eye on her blog. CeCe turned 25 years old in prison. That was a heartbreaking post.

But as of today, she’s out. CeCe is out and she’s going to have a big ol’ party over at Intermedia Arts this Saturday.

Welcome back, CeCe.

CeCe’s Free
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One thought on “CeCe’s Free

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    I don’t understand U.S. application of justice. If someone knocks on your door and you imagine that they might be dangerous,and you’re white, you can kill them and not be charged with any crime. But if someone is trying to kill you and you kill them, and you’re black, you have committed murder or manslaughter. If you fire a warning shot, you’re the one who gets arrested.

    I’m glad that Ce-Ce is free.

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