Give Me Jesus On the Line

This post has been deleted by the author because the author is a dumbass and fell prey to a satire piece. While the author is relieved that said piece was, in fact, satire, she’s getting pretty fucking tired of all these damned satire pieces that show up in her facebook and twitter feeds, that she wastes her time reading them, and then has to go back to see if they’re fiction or verified news (she’s looking at you CNN) and whether it’s worth getting her panties in a bundle over them.

Also, she’s depressed that her culture is so effed up that a piece of satire was believable, even though it was unbelievable.

But she does accept that it was her own damned fault for getting all bent out of shape and rageblogging about something before checking to see if it was real or not.

She apologies for any inconvenience.

Also, thanks to commenter Tsu Dho Nimh for letting her know that the offending piece was satire so that the author could remove her pointless rant before spreading this nonsense any further.

And now the author is pissed that Manhattan Transfer’s “Operator” is stuck in her head for no good reason.

Give Me Jesus On the Line
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6 thoughts on “Give Me Jesus On the Line

      1. I don’t know what the post was originally about, but I’ve probably felt similar frustration. Mostly at YouTube comments, but sometimes other comment threads as well. A$$holes who think they’re fraking funny posting comments that make them appear as though they are fundamentalists or Tea Party diehards. It’s sad enough that there are real people who think that way; we don’t need others pretending they do.

  1. 2

    “Also, she’s depressed that her culture is so effed up that a piece of satire was believable, even though it was unbelievable.”

    This… I get so much crap in my feeds, and I’m not familiar with all the satire sites out there (some of which have pretty official sounding names) that I’m always stuck for a few minutes trying to temper my fury while I figure out if what I just read is real or not. That I can’t always tell makes me even more upset because when I fall for it I look like an idiot and lose credibility, but every time I think it’s fake – Surprise! – the world shows me that it really is that screwed up. My faith in humanity crumbles further every day.

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