Churchy Signs – What’re you thinkin’ fer?

Louise has a couple more signs from our favorite church in Indianapolis, Indiana:



HALP! Our ability to do whatever we want in the name of Jesus is under attack!

That’s what they’re talking about. Christians aren’t despised in the United States, and certainly not in Indianapolis! Christians are the majority and Christian privilege is the norm in many parts of this country. There are places in the world where Christians are systematically persecuted – historically and in these modern times – but here and now ain’t one of them. Signs like this are a fear-based rallying call to Christians who feel that their “way of life” is threatened when we hold the government accountable for observing the separation of church and state.



Critical thinking – who needs it? Certainly not God’s sons and daughters – just listen to your sky daddy! Okay…so sky daddy hasn’t actually said anything, but the priests and preachers are happy to interpret God’s words for you! And they never get it wrong or have personal biases or anything. Just listen to sky daddy’s representatives here on Earth and it will ALL. BE. OKAY.

Churchy Signs – What’re you thinkin’ fer?
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54 thoughts on “Churchy Signs – What’re you thinkin’ fer?

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    …well, they are right with this one…Christians have been despised in every age
    for the things that Christians do (or did then): slavery, the Crusades, the
    Inquisition, war on women, bigotry…feel free to add to the list here.

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    Yeah, only Christians have ever historically been despised. Right?

    Maybe obeying God’s laws would stand to reason a bit better, if say, he’d actually listed REASONS for some of his more vague commands? Like what’s wrong with eating shellfish? And why is one day of the week more holy than the others?
    When people give commands, they usually assume that you know the underlying reasons, or are ready to at least mention them if not explain. Not so with God, the ‘ultimate authority’, who apparently sees no reason to actually outline WHY some things are ‘abominations’ and others aren’t.

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