Atheists Anonymous

“They couldn’t be free in the United States of America to say that they were atheists! I thought that was just terrible.” – Bridget Clarke-Smith speaking about the group, Atheists Anonymous, that she founded at her retirement center. This video highlights some of the challenges older atheists face. You rock, Bridget.

Hat Tip to Steve Peterson in the Minnesota Atheists Facebook group.

Atheists Anonymous
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3 thoughts on “Atheists Anonymous

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    She absolutely rocks!

    Also, I find it interesting about the anger she experienced when asked if she was a Christian. I mean, I’m an atheist, and while I find religions kind of silly, I don’t get angry with people for believing in them. So long as they follow the law, I think it’s no problem in general for them to believe. Kind of like people who believe in UFOs, really. Yes, there are a metric ton of exceptions (like relying on faith healing), but they are for another day.

    It’s just sad at the end, though.. (paraphrased) “We’re tolerate all other beliefs and religions, but we don’t tolerate atheism”.

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