Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

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In a message designed to speak out against the crass commercialism of the holiday season, Smith Valley United Methodist Church in Indiana would like to remind you that Christmas is not your birthday. It would have added an extra layer of meaningfulismness if they had written “Christmas is not your birthday”, but maybe they couldn’t find italicized sign letters. That’s cool. No judgment. We work with what we have, as I and Sigourney Weaver always say.

But if they had italicized “your”, they’d be implying that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday, which would, of course, be taking HUGE historical license because everyone knows that if Jesus existed he was not born on December 25th, which is – I’m going to assume – the date that Smith Valley United Methodist Church assigns to Christmas.

I do have two mortal, non-supernatural entity friends who were born on December 25th and who both bitch about having their birthdays on Christmas, so I hope they never see this sign because I’d hate for them to get confused.

Christmas Is Not Your Birthday
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7 thoughts on “Christmas Is Not Your Birthday

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    Easy peasy: December 25th is your birthday, Christmas is not, regardless as to whether these both fall on the same day.

    But yeah, it is teh suck (for varying values of suck) for many who have birthdays on or near the 25th.

    Church sign: You can do better, even if I don’t care about your message.

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