Ellen’s Squishy Pumpkin Halloween Extravaganza!

As you may know, Ellen Bulger – a regular guest blogger here at Biodork, was in the path of Hurricane Sandy. She asked that I let you all know that she is fine, and that Sandy for her city was no worse than being a beagle in Mitt Romney’s carpool.

Because of hurricane preparations, the reveal for PPA 9 will be a few days coming, but Ellen did pass along a collection of squishy, soggy pumpkin photos for Halloween.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Used and Abused Pumpkins © Ellen Bulger

Struggles of a Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin with a View © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin vs. Gravity © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin vs. Rot © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin Vault © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin Skin © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin Pressed into the Earth © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin Fixer Upper © Ellen Bulger
Plague Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Inner Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Field Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Entropic Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Crashed Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Cinderella’s Junker © Ellen Bulger
Back End of a Pumpkin © Ellen Bulger
Pumpkin Fault © Ellen Bulger
Ellen’s Squishy Pumpkin Halloween Extravaganza!
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