PPA 9: Halloweenscapes

Happy Halloween, dear readers! Brianne here, introducing a special Halloween Pareidolia Play Along by Ellen Bulger. I see a craggy, alien landscape, a breeding ground littered with the eggs of the land’s greatest predator. The time is ripe; this evening the hatchlings will emerge and a frantic stampede over the treacherous, uneven ground to nearby shelter will begin. Many will fall; only the toughest, the strongest, the meanest and most wily will succeed. Beware those who survive this first foray; they will grow to become great terrors to the human race.

Enjoy this Halloween offering – IF. YOU. DARE!!! Mwahahaha!

The following is a post by guest blogger Ellen Bulger.

Oh one can get up to all kinds of things this time of year. Where are we? What do you see?

Pareidolia 9
Pareidolia 9 © Ellen Bulger
PPA 9: Halloweenscapes
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3 thoughts on “PPA 9: Halloweenscapes

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    It’s the awesome giant three-toed bandersnatch! He’s come out of hibernation, ripping the volcano apart from its roots, exposing streams of lava and lighting a few small fires deep in the caverns. After he stepped over the lip of the crater to start hunting, he relieved himself. We can tell by the shape of the fresh (unsinged) scat, tear-drop shaped and smooth, that he has had no solid food for centuries.

    Beware! He’s hungry! Don’t flee; hide! Hide deep underground. Level Three parking, at least. He’ll take anything on the surface that breathes, even enclosed in a scurrying scrap of metal with wheels, or a few brick walls. He’s been sharpening his teeth on rocks for a long, long time.

    If you see him — you’ll recognize him by the three fat toes — and the size — play dead. Not that it will protect you, but it’s good to get in practice.

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