Pareidolia 5: The Reveal

This is a post by guest blogger Ellen Bulger

In this installment, Ellen reveals the answer to Pareidolia 5: Your Results May Vary.

Pareidolia 5 Reveal: There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Most of you literal folks could tell it was food, something of a flat and grain-flour based and fried nature. It is not a tortilla or a cannoli. What it is, is a dosa, which is kind of an Indian crepe, but huge. What you are seeing out beyond the dosa is another table full of happy diners, gobbling up all kinds of good breads and fritters and snacks and washing them down with cold beer and cocktails and lassi.

Delicious Dosa © Ellen Bulger

I took the shot a couple of years ago. I was on Broadway in New Haven, waiting for a friend. We had plans to get some shawarma. You know how good a Connecticut autumn can smell? Even in the city, it makes you flare your nostrils and take deep breaths.

As I waited, that crisp fall air was filled with a wonderful smell, like barbecue. It was wafting from a new restaurant that was back in an alley. It was an Indian restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant.

Kitchen Magician at Thali Too © Ellen Bulger

I have friends and family who feel a meal MUST have MEAT and are skeptical about vegetarian cuisine. The friend I was waiting for is was one such devoted carnivore. But by the time he arrived, I was in such a frenzy to try this Thali Too that he decided he’d better humor me.

We ordered a bit haphazardly. When dosa arrived, it was the size of an aircraft carrier and hung off the edges of the table. We tore off pieces and used them to grab handfuls of delicately-season smashed potatoes that left our fingers buttery and our mouths happy. We finished it easily. It was kind of a miracle, a miracle of deliciousness.

Big Bang Tasty Ripples © Ellen Bulger

micheald, It was more like a tunnel to heaven.

ericblair, Don’t, just don’t. Play nice.

lochaber, Close but no sigara boregi!

Emu Sam, That’s the, you should forgive the expression, spirit!

Marie the Bookwyrm, Possibly several!

maxdwolf, Cannoli, right? I should think it would be easier to get that kind of shot BEFORE they put the filling in. But you know, I had to remediate an improvised wild mushroom dish I was making last night when I absentminded threw in way too many peas and then stirred the dang things. And so help me, I took the time to pick about 2/3’s of them out. So I guess I could see scraping the ricotta out of a cannoli, if that’s what it would take to get the shot.

Giliell, Approved Straight Chorus, Are these biscuits any relation to the above-mentioned sigara? Also, would you share the recipe?

embertine, Curses, my plans for world domination are foiled! I’ll have to cancel all those DOD contracts for intercontinental pie-flingers and cream puff catapults! Back to the kitchen drawing board.

machintelligence, Kind of. More like a gravy train, NOW with REAL GRAVY!

pensnest, SPOT ON!!! I award you this soggy pizza crust with a laser-etched reproduction of the last supper or maybe that’s poker-playing dogs. It all depends on the light.

morganBacon, it turns out, has jumped the shark.

F says, Housing issues being what they are, it could come to that for a lot of us. Or we could be like elves and live in mushroom houses.

Icaarus, It’s the latest dieting trend. If you eat too much, your food attacks.

=8)-DX, Very astute. You are either a theoretical physicist, a geologist or a pastry chef. I have provided another photograph to allow you to continue your studies.

jamesmaehling, I have googled krumkake. At Christmas time you can expect to find me on your doorstep.

Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort, Way too small, on an order of ten.

Stevarious, Public Health Problem, But I’m wondering, how did the elf get there? Is he living there willingly, like Bilbo Baggins in a tubular edible Bag End? Or has he been imprisoned like Peter Piper’s poor wife? Or is this the updated D&D equivalent of Jonah and the whale, say Jonah and the submarine sandwich roll?

Pareidolia 5: The Reveal
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    Hmm, the only “interesting bread” I’ve had recently (whole-plus-seeds-meal not doing it) was Italian focaccia – nicely olive-oiled with random dried tomatoes and seasoning.

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