Pareidolia Play Along 5 – Your Results May Vary

Okay, you can guess what this is and I will certainly tell what it actually is. But gee whiz, the theists can look at at ketchup stain on a t-shirt and see the face of Zeus himself, or whatever their frenzied suggestible brains desire. Can’t we be as creative? C’mon stare HARD at this sucker.

What do you SEE?

Pareidolia 5 © Ellen Bulger
Pareidolia Play Along 5 – Your Results May Vary
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18 thoughts on “Pareidolia Play Along 5 – Your Results May Vary

  1. 4

    Aurora Borealis on a planet with huge quantities of rust in the atmosphere, probably created for a deceased Mormon who’s been posthumously baptized and de-baptized so many times they swore the skies would run with blood.

  2. 10

    I perceive in the terrible depths a monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, a mass of feelers clawing their way towards the surface of the world and in the midst of it all a deep and aweful eye staring out with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy.

    Or something rather like it.

  3. 14

    That’s obviously a representation of the universe at a stage during the “big bang” expansion. It’s obvious that such a cosmic event would leave ripples even in fried, rolled battery foods.

  4. 17

    It pretty much looks like the tv picture from a sewer inspection probe. My wifi is via satellite Internet so part of the picture didn’t come through, but that may be an advantage.

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