6 O’Clock BS: Gluten-Free Pizza

Tonight I made gluten-free pizza! I used a Red Mill Mix, but it required yeast and mixing and other related baking shit, so I think it counts as fancy cooking.

First, the crust:

Pizza Mix, Olive Oil, Eggs, Yeast in warm water

The yeast had to sit for a few minutes, then I added the eggs and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Then the pizza flour mix was added in and mixed on medium for 1 to 2 minutes.

Mixed and moist pizza crust

20 minutes under plastic wrap to rise:

Go! Go! Go!

Then I took a trip outside to pick fresh basil for the pizza toppings.

Pre-packaged cheese, Italian sausage, canned mushrooms and olives, and Ragu sauce. Tasty, easy and cheap!

Rolling sausage:

Cooking the sausage:

Sizzling balls o’ meat

By this time the first crust was ready to be flattened. And here’s the challenge of gluten-free flours and doughs – they don’t roll well. They’re crumbly and tend toward dryness. The de-structions recommended pressing the dough flat with wet hands. I used to make pizza for a local college joint, and this isn’t how I remember pizza dough laying out.


But it turned out pizza crust-ish. C’est la vie gluten-free. (Holy shit that rhymes! I’m using this ALL. THE. TIME. from here on out. You can use it too. You’re welcome.

7-8 minutes in the oven at 425°F


And the toppings:

Mmmm…I made a mistake here. Do you see it?

15 minutes in the oven and voila!

Yummy! Except…

WTF, basil!? Oh…I forgot to oil them. Fresh basil dries the heck out in the oven, especially if you leave it there unprotected at 425°F for 15 minutes. So I plucked it off.


And on the second pizza I made sure to coat them in olive oil, and just to be safe I placed ’em on the bottom of the pizza, just on top of the sauce:

In fact, I decided to put all of the ingredients under the cheese this time around. Aaaand 15 minutes later:

A mountain of cheese, a dash of dried chili pepper, and we’re ready to go!

Time to eat!

6 O’Clock BS: Gluten-Free Pizza
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2 thoughts on “6 O’Clock BS: Gluten-Free Pizza

  1. kim

    Have you checked out King Arthur Flour yet? They have a lot of ingredients, mixes and recipies for gluten free.
    And their ‘spam’ is such fun to get. The decorated cookies are so fun.

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