How’s this for better photos?

I’ve come home from the Mr. Paul Aints baseball game. It was a wonderful time! I had a chance to see some of my favorite local and visiting atheists, everyone was smiling, eating crappy ballpark food, and cheering on our Aints.

I had an odd moment while I was in the line for the women’s bathroom. The woman in front of me started chit-chatting, and I mentioned that this was my first time attending a Saint Paul Saints game. She asked where I was sitting, and after a quick glance at the gold cross around her neck I said “Over in the Left Field section with the Minnesota Atheists.” Her eyes widened a little and I imagined her later going back to her friends saying “Guess what – I met one of them!” But she was nice enough. She asked how big our group was (“How big is your invading army?”), what kind of activities we did and what brought me to atheism (can you tell that this was a reaaaaallly long line for the bathroom?) I gave short, simple answers that I hope reflected well on Minnesota Atheists since this was a visibility event for us, and especially since I noticed that the line had gone very quiet; the women around us were listening to our exchange.

Ooo…and another fun thing: When the Hubby and I left the game, we found this tucked under the one of my car’s windshield wipers:

Woo-hoo – More souveniers for the scrapbook! Actually, there is no scrapbook. That sounds too much like work.

I filled out the back:

They’re not big on the options thing at Fellowship Tract League, are they? Ah well. See you in the lake of fire, then.

In my last post I promised some better photos of the baseball game. Below are my top five favorites. If you’re interested you can see the rest of my favorites at my Flickr album of game photos.

A nice shot of one of our players wearing the Aints logo.

 Dave Silverman, current president of American Atheists, takes the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game.

The Pitch

The Hubby and I pose with our Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists Fans in front of the field.

A shot of the field and stands from out past left field.

How’s this for better photos?
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23 thoughts on “How’s this for better photos?

  1. 1

    How many beautiful, innocent trees have died to facilitate this insane group? The idea that a tract like that can change someone’s mind on the spot simply highlights how truly shallow their idea of religion is.

  2. 2

    Regarding the crucifixion image – It was his Daddy in the Sky that did that to him (self). See, that way, he died so he did not have to send everyone to hell to suffer for ever and ever because he did not want to send all those people to hell so he needed a blood sacrifice of himself…

    How can anyone parse that and see just how stupid it all is???

  3. F

    “All this I did for thee.”

    Aww, you shouldn’t have. Really. You really shouldn’t have done that. It’s terrible, does nothing for me, and is a bit creepy in fact. I know a place where there are doctors who can help you.

  4. 4

    I can’t ever get around the insanity of the whole sacrifice thing. This raging god with a dual personality and a death wish. And he did it for me?


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