6 O'Clock BS: Kiva Bonuses!

You may know that the Hubby and I support the microlending program, Kiva.

Here’s a cartoon from the Kiva website. It draws (literally) a very high-level picture  of how Kiva works:

So yeah. Pretty cool stuff. The Hubby and I have been re-investing two $25 loans for a couple of years now, but we’d like to get to a place where we can do more. We’ve been part of loans to three people. Their stories are linked below if you’re interested.

  • Nidal – A shoe salesman from Gaza, Palestine
  • Ansu – A shoe salesman from Bo, Sierra Leone
  • Gina – A hog farmer from Linglingay, Angadanan, Philippines

If this is a program that want to get involved with – maybe you’ve been thinking about getting involved for a while – how about now? Because if you do it now AND if you do it through me, I get a $25 bonus from Kiva that I can invest in a new Kiva loan. Let me be clear: I get a $25 bonus for every person who joins up through me – no limits until the bonus money runs out site-wide. That’s potentially a lot of money that one could put to good use!

This is an offer that all existing Kiva members can take advantage of, so if you know a friend who does Kiva and you’d rather they get an extra Kiva bonus – do it. No hard feelings. Honest. Girl Scouts honor. I believe in Kiva, and I think you should get involved if you can and if you think it’s a good program.

But just in case you do want to join Kiva through me and wouldn’t mind helping me and the Hubby earn some bonus loan money, click below to be redirected to Kiva’s website and my personal sign-up page:

Join Kiva and Biodork to Help Change Lives

6 O'Clock BS: Kiva Bonuses!
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