Moar Blogathoning – Jeremy, Daniel, Rachel!

The blogathon-ing continues full speed ahead!

Today is a special day for me because about one week ago I conned asked my buddy Jeremy Witteveen if he’d be interested in participating in a blogathon fundraiser for SSA, and he said yes, probably because he was drunk or hadn’t had coffee yet or something. Today is his day. He’s blogging every 30 minutes between 7 o’clock this morning to midnight tonight.

I’ve been reading Le Cafe Witteveen for a couple of years now, and some of the things that keep me coming back are the way Jeremy bares his atheist soul and tells stories of his conservative evangelical Christian upbringing, his takes on current events, his oddball, irreverent, sometimes gross sense of humor, and his gorgeous photography. Jeremy and his wife, Tina, are professional photographers and videographers and run their own business – how sweet is that? That’s probably why he can be a total slacker and blog for 17 hours on a school day.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his posts. He’s talking about being a young kid and starting a new Sunday School with a new teacher:

At some point, they broke the kids into smaller groups. My group went with a teacher named Mrs. Vorhees (unsure of spelling). She was an older woman, but I had an almost instant crush on her. She had amazing enthusiasm. She made learning about biblical genocide and slamming babies against rocks fun!

See, funny! Because it’s about baby-killing! Please go see him, give him some verbal support in the comments, and maybe drop a few bucks in his SSA collection can if you’re so inclined. His first post is here.

To quote the late Billy Mays,


We also have the incredibly talented Daniel Fincke over at Camels With Hammers blogathoning every hour for 24 hours today. I read Daniel’s posts and think about what a pleasure and honor it is to be on Freethought Blogs with all of these crazy-smart, incredible authors. Today Dan is sharing stories, interviews, debates and conversations with:

…Ophelia Benson, Richard Carrier, Zinnia Jones, Vyckie Garrison, Shelley Segal, George Waye, Ian Cromwell, Greg Laden, James Gray, Marta Layton, Dave Smith, JT Eberhard, James Croft, Fedwa From Morocco, Mary the Catholic Graduate Student, and a few guests who will interview pseudonymously.

His first post is here. Dan – you’re a rock star!

And our final blogathoner is Rachel Pridgen over at The Reluctant Skeptic. Rachel was awesome during my blogathon – she left comments, tweets and encouraging words for me, and it was so appreciated. I love the tag line of Rachel’s blog: “Embracing Reason With the Occasional Tantrum”. I hear that. And her About section starts out with “Dedicated to not dying bewildered, bamboozled, or baffled.” Good goal.

The SSA Blogathon schedule says that Rachel will be blogging every hour between 12pm-12am CST today, which means her first post is up….NOW!

As I’ve mentioned before – this blogathoning thing is hard. We’re bloggers – we thrive on your feedback. A few comments, a retweet now and then…these things mean so much, especially when we’re doing a special event like this. If you’re game, consider stopping by Jeremy, Daniel and Rachel’s blog to say hi and give ’em a virtual high five.

And…you know…maybe donate to the SSA. 😀


Moar Blogathoning – Jeremy, Daniel, Rachel!
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