SSA Blogathon – Post, The First

And we’re off!

Prada and I are up at 6am to raise money for the SSA.

I’ve got my supplies. I made a special mug. It says “take some time…to donate to the SSA.”

I don’t think it’s recommended to take that many 5-hour Energy drinks in 24 hours. I’ll have to check the label.

Check out some of the wacky things I hope to be doing today! You can be part of the wackiness. Donate early, donate often. Any amount of money helps. If you’ve got $50 bucks, give that. If you can spare $5, give that. It ALL helps.

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SSA Blogathon – Post, The First
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6 thoughts on “SSA Blogathon – Post, The First

  1. 1

    We beliiiiiieve in you!

    I request a post about your first encounter with five other FtBers and how, in your eyes, their irl personality surprised you.

    PZ is even a gimme here.

    1. 3.1

      Is FTF = Freethought Festival – as in the Madison one a month or so back? I don’t remember you from your commenter handle, but since EVERYONE was awesome at FTF, I know I enjoyed meeting you 😀

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