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2 thoughts on “From the Sidewalk

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    I had no idea Clinic Escorts were a thing! I would totally do this! How do you get in on this? I always see protestors outside of a clinic in my college town, and I always get really angry when I drive past it and see them with their signs and on their knees. Ugh.

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      Approach the clinic with a call or a visit and ask them how to proceed with being a clinic escort for them. I haven’t escorted for some time now since I started working for a very busy lasik clinic. But previously I had escorted at the clinic Brianne is at and another one in Minneapolis. Each clinic has their own resources for the volunteers. You can also contact your local state chapter of NARAL or Planned Parenthood directly to learn more about perhaps find out about other clinics in your area that are in need of good volunteers.

      The protesters can vary from annoying to downright hostile. My experience with it was very positive. I wish I had more time to do it, but I now work Monday through Saturday. 🙁

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