Child Care at Abortion Clinics?

Do you know what sounds like a good idea at first thought?

Free or affordable childcare in the same building/nearby clinics that provide abortion care.


The clinic where I escort doesn’t allow children or infants in the waiting area.

Some people who seek abortions have children.

People who are economically disadvantaged may be able to take advantage of free or inexpensive child care.


An abortion is a pretty irregular appointment (for one person – I’m not trying to imply that abortion is rare, or that a person will only have one abortion in their lifetime), and it is scheduled in advance. Should a parent should be able to obtain child care for this one time.

An abortion can be emotionally challenging. Perhaps a little downtime between having an abortion and seeing your bouncy, energetic kid  is in order.


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Child Care at Abortion Clinics?
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5 thoughts on “Child Care at Abortion Clinics?

  1. 1

    Or some downtime between having an abortion and seeing *someone else’s* bouncy energetic kid.

    This really seems like reason to ask the patients… lacking child care can be a HUGE barrier to access for the patients that need it most. But, then I wonder if having child care in an abortion clinic’s building would just be an excuse for more TRAP laws, more saboteur employees and more threats and harassment. I’m sure it wouldn’t slow the bombings and arsons one bit.

  2. 2

    Oh… and in states with onerous waiting periods plus mandatory pre-abortion counseling, it isn’t “just one time” but at least two visits.

    I seem to recall that child care’s particularly vulnerable to last-minute disruption: relative has a change of plans, babysitter gets sick or whatever. Abortion appointments are vulnerable to disruption, too, often by design.

  3. 3

    I wonder if there were space available, allowing the children into an office that could double for childcare. And perhaps ask the woman when making her appointment if she would need childcare, thus scheduling someone at the clinic to look after the kids during the appointment time.

    But like Pteryxx said… who knows what TRAP laws would do with the fact that there was child care available in the same place an abortion was performed. Certainly they’d think we were going to next eat the children who were being cared for.

  4. 4

    The con points above are ones I immediately thought of so I will not reitierate. A possible pro point would be that have available child care on the premises could be useful in showing that a large number of women seeking abortions are not simply “sluts that can’t be bothered to do their womanly duty”. Instead many, if not most, are women who already have children.

  5. 5

    I think a pretty obvious con point is the potential danger from anti-abortionists that puts the child in. Let’s not forget that they have no concern for what happens to their precious fetuses after birth.

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