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    I remember this game — we had it when I was a kid. As I recall, there was a game in which the object was to guess the symbol on an unseen card, kind of like Bill Murray’s scene with the college students in Ghostbusters (without the electric shocks). I remember getting something like 75% correct on my first try. It impressed the hell out of my sisters. I never did that game again. Why risk my ESP?

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    I think we might. After a relative died last year, we got to sort/pack/trash/donate ALL the cra- er, wonderful treasures that had been accumulating in her home for about seventy-five years. (She was a packrat with lots of interesting hobbies, but that’s neither here nor there.) I do believe this was one of the games we pulled out of the dining room cupboard.

    Ha! I just spotted it. I can only see the side of the box from here, and I’m lazy (sorry) but it’s got the same title, so it’s the same game if not the same exact edition.

    Now I’m curious. I’ll have to poke around a bit tomorrow, get it down and open the box.

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    I believe we could. After a relative passed away last year, we had the opportunity to organize, pack, give, and dispose of all the crazy, amazing items that had been accumulating in her house for over 75 years. (She was a packrat with many fascinating hobbies, but that is unimportant just now.) This was undoubtedly one of the games we took out of the dining room cabinet.

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    Doable, in my opinion. We were able to finally sort through and rid of all the bizarre and wonderful possessions that had accumulated in an aunt’s house over the course of her 75 years of life after she passed away last year. (She had a lot of interesting hobbies, but that’s irrelevant right now.) Undoubtedly, this was one of the games we retrieved from the sideboard.

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    The love for geek culture, groan-inducing puns, world travel, and cultural exchange adds a lighthearted and diverse dimension to their interests. Sharing and listening to stories can be a powerful way to connect with others and understand different perspectives.

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    Second-hand stores can be great places to discover unique and nostalgic items, and many people, including skeptics, often have stories about the treasures they’ve found in such shops.

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    6 O’Clock BS could imply a program airing at 6 o’clock that might connections cover various topics or segments. Second-Hand Treasures suggests a segment within this program that might focus on discussing or showcasing second-hand items or valuable finds.

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