6 O'Clock BS – Home Again Home Again

I went camping this weekend, so it’s been a bit slow here at Biodork. I actually did have wireless at the camp site, but somehow managed to find things to do that didn’t involve internet (*gasp*!). We went walking through the woods, sat around the campfire, sang camping songs, chatted with friends over meals, and generally had a kick-ass time.

But now I’m home, showered, tick-checked, itching from a gazillion and ten mosquito bites, and excited to get blogging again.

The big story I wanted to highlight for the 6 O’Clock BS was this story about the horrifying Orvillecopter. Art + taxidermy + robotics + the history of flight + dearly departed kitty = remote-controlled flying dead cat. I’m weeping over the dark weirdness of this.

Although, as this blogger from Incredible Things notes:

…think of the effect it would have on any jerk who has ever hit a cat with their car. One day you kill a cat with your car and the next day it’s flying at your head looking for revenge! And cheezburgers… but mostly revenge!


I wrote a piece for Ian Cromwell’s series “Because I Am An Atheist” over at The Crommunist Manifesto. He posted it today!

On Sunday our interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, which Stephanie Zvan ran, was aired on Minnesota Atheists public radio show, Atheists Talk. The link to the interview is up here. I was the intro/outro host for Stephanie and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and even participating in this small way was a treat. I always learn something new when I hear NDT speak.

6 O'Clock BS – Home Again Home Again

28 thoughts on “6 O'Clock BS – Home Again Home Again

  1. kim

    And who says there isn’t life after death? Just look at the cat, don’t you think this is it’s idea of heaven? Up there to catch the birds. That guy could really terrorize the birds and squirrels with the flying cat.

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