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I am constantly doing photo clean-up. I snap a couple to hundreds of photos every day, and so I’m always sorting, editing, filing and archiving. Which means every once in a while I run across some neat photos that have fallen through the cracks.

When the Hubby and I were in Washington D.C. for the Reason Rally we took a few extra days to sight-see. During our meandering we ran across a number of protests. Here are some photos of those protests:

Occupy D.C.

Occupy D.C. had two different encampments that we found: One was in Freedom Square, the other was in McPherson Square. This is the website for the Occupy D.C. movement (note – it only lists McPherson as their location – I’m not sure if the Freedom Square group is affiliated with the Occupy DC group).

McPherson Square:

Freedom Square:

Trayvon Martin – It had been almost a month since Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman still hadn’t been arrested at this time. These are poor shots since we were whizzing by on a trolley at the time.

Concepcion Piciotto, The People’s Embassy – This is an awe-inspiring protest. This woman started protesting nuclear arms in 1981 and just never went home. Wikipedia credits her with carrying on the “longest continuous act of political protest in the United States.”

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act protests – The SCOTUS was listening to arguments about the constitutionality of the PPACA during the week that we were there. The Tea Baggers were out in droves by the Capitol and the Supreme Court. I wanted to get off the trolley and take more photos of some of the signs that I glimpsed, but there was just no time.

Seen over in front of the White House on Constitution Avenue:

And finally, when we were up on Embassy Row, we saw this guy holding a sign outside of the Apostolic Nunciature to the United States (i.e., the Holy See, or the Vatican’s embassy). Rock on, dude. Down with pedophile priests.

Washington D.C. – An excellent place to protest, akshully.


6 O'Clock BS – Protests
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