6 O’Clock BS – Board and Card Games

Something fun and light-hearted for this Friday’s 6 O’Clock BS, I think. Since it is Geek Pride Day (many froody returns) I think that board and card games would be a fitting subject.

I grew up with the Hasboro classics, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started paying closer attention to the games rooms at the relaxacons and scifi conventions and discovered the awesomeness of learning a new random card game or board game.* Some of my recent favorites have been Zar, Kittens in a Blender, Elder Sign and 7 Wonders, which I recently picked up:

7 Wonders – yay! Who wants to play?

Also, the reader for whom the 6 O’Clock BS is named has informed me that her husband has started a board game blog called Tim Win Game. It’s completely devoted to the fun that is playing board games. So, you know…you could check it out…if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

What games do you play?


*I did play Lunch Money in college, and have fond memories of sitting at Perkins at three in the morning, jittery on too much cheap coffee, trash-talking across the table (I’m not nearly as good at trash-talking as I like to pretend I am…you…goofus.)


6 O’Clock BS – Board and Card Games
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30 thoughts on “6 O’Clock BS – Board and Card Games

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    ( : Yay!

    I really like some of the brain-burner board games out there, like Agricola, but they don’t come to me as easily as, say, El Grande or Nexus Ops (which, sadly, I haven’t played in a long time). Right now, I’m loving me some 7 Wonders as well as Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. Ankh-Morpork plays only four, but it’s fun, and it’s really easy to pick up/teach. You don’t have to be a fan of the books to enjoy it — you just get some extra jokes tossed your way.

    I also really like the cooperative board games, where all the players play together against the game. I didn’t know co-op games were even a thing when I was growing up. Pandemic, I can’t get over you. Space Alert, you make me laugh up until the point an asteroid or interstellar octopus rips our poor little ship in twain. Arkham Horror, it takes every damn leaf of the table to play you and you cornered us into buying a label maker for the ten million baggies that hold your twenty billion bits, but I can’t get you out of my mind. Har har.

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    One of my favorite board games is Talisman by Games Workshop. It’s different each time you play, because certain spaces on the board have you draw encounter cards; if you win the encounter, you gain points; if you lose the encounter, the card remains behind on the space for the next player to land there. That means not only is the board different for each game, but also that it shifts throughout play.It’s best with four or five players, chaotic with more, marginal with three and sucks with two.

    Another good one is Civilization, the one published in the UK by Hartland Trefoil (1980) and in the US by Avalon Hill (1981). It’s for two to seven players and the more the better.

    Generating geek envy: My first job out of college was as a professional, salaried game designer. I started out in board, card and RPG design and moved into video games. When the VG market collapsed, I turned to technical writing to make a living, but always missed working with games.

    I’d like to see a computer version of Kittens in a Blender. The graphics would be wonderfully twisted sick. I love my cats, but when one of them yakks up a hairball right where I’ll step on it on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a blender’s too good for ’em.

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    7 Wonders is fun stuff. Like noodle, I’m a sucker for the heavier Euro-style games like Agricola, Caylus, and the like. But I enjoy the faster, card-based games like 7 Wonders, Race for the Galaxy, Ascension, Glory to Rome, Eminent Domain, etc., etc.. I spend far too much time on BGG, which has led to many, many shelves full of games.

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