10 Reasons Why Women In Secularism is Going to RAWK.

I am pretty jazzed to attend this weekend’s Women In Secularism conference in Arlington, Virginia. Here are 10 reasons why.

1.  I usually always enjoy attending live talks, and a conference is a great way to attend a lot of live talks at once. There’s something exciting about being in the same room as a speaker, seeing their facial and body expressions, watching and listening as they answer audience questions.

2.  Awesome speakers.

3.  Women in Secularism! This isn’t a general atheist conference, but an atheist conference with a concentration on women in the movement, how women are affected by various religious dogma and religious-based legislation, feminism and religion, the history of women in secularism. This is a novel focus and one that I as a woman and atheist have a certain amount of interest in.

4.  After-conference bar fun. Drinking Skeptically, anyone?

5.  Blog fodder! Oh yeah, you’ll be hearing more about this.

6.  Meeting new people, conning…err…inviting people to coming on Atheists Talk radio, shaking the hands of people who have influenced and inspired me.

7.  Getting more awesome atheist superstars to sign the atheist book of awesome. Last month at the Freethought Festival in Madison Stephanie Zvan and I managed to collect signatures from nearly every presenter, blogger and activist we could find in a copy of God Is Not Great. We’re hoping to use the book to raise funds for Atheists Talk Radio later this year.

8.  Traveling! Just…traveling. I love traveling. I love going to new places. I find airports to be exciting places that full of potential. Maybe I’ll find time to take a dip in the hotel pool. And traveling is a great excuse to eat naughty food and buy overpriced drinks! Even though I was just in Arlington for the Reason Rally, I’m looking forward to visiting the east coast again.

9.  I’m hoping to pick up new swag. T-shirts (I betcha they have womens’ sizes at this event, eh?)? Buttons? Bumper stickers? Who knows!?

10. New ideas for how to support and contribute to the atheist/secular movement. Ah yes. Okay, I did save the best for last.

There’s still time to register. You know you wanna.

Are any of you going to be there? Any speakers or topics that you’re particularly looking forward to hearing?

10 Reasons Why Women In Secularism is Going to RAWK.
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53 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Women In Secularism is Going to RAWK.

  1. 1

    I hate the locution “reason why”. There is no reason you should use the word “why” after the word “reason” except that you are slavishly imitating a misreading of Tennyson. However, his use of the word was as a verb (meaning “think” or “consider”) not as a noun (as in your headline). The use is barbaric and unnecessary.

    Yes, I am a grammar Nazi becausu I have a degree in grammar studies and another in linguistics, so I am as much a dork in my chosen fields as you are in yours.

    1. 1.1

      Heck, E.A. I ain’t even read no Tennyson. P’raps I’s just too used to seeing it in the popular usage all y’all grammar nazis like to grumble ’bout. Sorry you get so upset by this – must be a bitch to read the paper.

      But yeah, “10 Reasons Women In Secularism Is Going to RAWK” is less redundant.

  2. 2

    The miniatures from the liquor store can go in your carry on. Be sure to get the plastic bottles, though. It’s a great alternative to the expensive, watered down drinks you usually find at an airport.

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