Sloganizing Atheism: Jesus is…

New Sloganizing Atheism submission!

*sighs* This one is almost too easy.

From William in Seattle:

My slogan:

Jesus is welcome in your church, but not in our government.

To learn about the thoughts behind Sloganizing Atheism, read this brief post. In the comments you can add your own response or atheist/secular alternative to the sign o’ the day. Submit original photos with captions/response/secular alternatives to [email protected]

As I mentioned in the first Sloganizing Atheism post, there may be prizes and/or internet points awarded for involvement at some point. If this picks up steam and I start having a steady supply of photos and participants there will likely be some sort of recognition for awesomeness.

Sloganizing Atheism: Jesus is…
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119 thoughts on “Sloganizing Atheism: Jesus is…

    1. 6.1

      Actually, Jesus is a lich, not a zombie. Zombies are mindless corpses whose only will comes from the necromancer who raised them; a lich is a necromancer who engineers his own death and resurrection to cheat death and gain immortality and/or to visit The Other Side and learn Secrets Man Was Never Meant To Know.

  1. 17

    oooh, I like all of the above but especially Randomfactor’s! I saw this in Seattle the other day too and was just left the thought “huh, I don’t even get what the message they’re trying to sell is.”

  2. 32

    These are AWESOME! So many lulz! I particularly liked Zinc Avenger’s “Jesus is not a member of Congress” and The Rose’s “Jesus, is that billboard gonna be finished today or what?!?” Well done, all!

  3. 40

    – is not a valid excuse to be bigoted or to feel superior or to censor or to lie or to control or to be shitty or to not take care of this world because you believe a fantasy after-death eternal-life paradise.

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