Sloganizing Atheism: Truth Decay

I received a new Sloganizing Atheism submission – w00t!

To learn about the thoughts behind Sloganizing Atheism, read this brief post. In the comments you can add your own response or atheist/secular alternative to the sign o’ the day. Submit original photos with captions/response/secular alternatives to [email protected]

As I mentioned in the first Sloganizing Atheism post, there may be prizes and/or internet points awarded for involvement at some point. If this picks up steam and I start having a steady supply of photos and participants there will likely be some sort of recognition for awesomeness.

From Mike and Andrea of Wisconsin:

And their snarky response:

Fighting truth decay by studying the Bible is sort of like fighting cancer by starting smoking.

Sloganizing Atheism: Truth Decay
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7 thoughts on “Sloganizing Atheism: Truth Decay

  1. 3

    Based on “truth decay” sounding like “tooth decay”…

    “Fighting truth decay by studying the Bible is like fighting tooth decay by brushing your teeth with a candy bar.”

  2. 4

    Actually, no. Many, many people have become atheists precisely because they studied the Bible. I’m one of them.

    What keeps many Christians believing is that they know next to nothing of what’s in the document they say they believe is the literal word from God.

  3. 6

    They seem to have a good case of sign decay going on with those brown patches eating away at their message.

    It looks like it will soon read “Fig Trut ecay tudy he Bible” unless they practice some hygiene.

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