Cross-Country Connections: Celebrate

Cross-Country Connections is a Biodork weekly blog entry dedicated to telling stories in pictures of three family members – me, my sister and Mom – living in very different locations across the country. Every week we choose a different theme and then take or contribute a personal photo that fits the theme. This week’s theme is Celebrate.

From Erin in Bellingham, Washington:

Its that time of year when people are graduating and moving on to the next stage. This year is special though because my husband and our very good friend both successfully defended their dissertations for a Ph.D. in Anthropology.  Its been a long, strange journey for both of them and I’m so proud and happy to see them so successful. Congratulations, Ralph and Lisa!

From Mom in Carbondale, Illinois:

There were so many moments that we celebrated.  I chose this one because Don is in it too!

From me in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

 At the 2012 Good Friday Planned Parenthood counter-protest we celebrated raising $16,686 for the St. Paul clinic. I took this photo early in the morning (collections had begun prior to the counter-protest). By the time I left at about 10:30 am, the number had climbed to over $20,000 thanks to the Pledge-A-Protester campaign.

Cross-Country Connections: Celebrate
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