Thanks, CASH!

Last night I spoke at Coffman Memorial for the Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (CASH) meeting. If you’re in the Twin Cities area and want to learn about atheist and skeptic events, you need to join CASH’s Facebook group. They’ve hosted some truly awesome speakers like Michael Shermer, Banachek, JT Eberhard, Jen McCreight, Greta Christina, and some guy named Richard Dawkins(?). And now moi!

This was my first talk that I’ve given about atheism and blogging, and my first “full length” presentation to an atheist/skeptics group (I spoke for an hour and 15 minutes, not exactly a fillibuster, but long enough for me prattling on). You know how in Rainman Dustin Hoffman’s character was able to look at a bunch of objects and instantly know how many there were in the pile? I’m the opposite of that. I think there were maybe 20-30 people in the audience, but I could be really, really off.

I gave a fairly extemporaneous talk about how I discovered skepticsm, my love of science, how I got started in blogging, how I became an atheist, and a bit about being an online activist. I enjoyed speaking – I have a background in theater performance and speech and I liked being in front of an audience again. I got a few chuckles and it felt like people were engaged throughout the entire time. At the beginning of the talk I gave the room a rough outline of what I was going to speak about, and afterwards, the Hubby told me that I had meandered along in a mostly linear fashion toward the end of the talk. <— my glowing self-appraisal of my merits as a speaker, y’all. 

Here are some of the links, sites, references I mentioned (or really meant to mention) last night:

  • Skeptical Activism Campaign Manual by Maria Walters, Desiree Schell, Tevor Zimmerman, K.O. Myers
  • Stephanie Zvan’s Atheist Activism Minus the Confrontation
  • Blogs: Science-Based Medicine, Pharyngula, Blag Hag, What Would JT Do, Greta Christina’s Blog, Joe.My.God (GLBT news, atheist snark and Eurovision), Le Cafe Witteveen (ex-evangelical Christian and professional photographer in Chicago), Skeptic Money, The Maddow Blog, Richard Wiseman’s Blog (illusions, skepticism), Laci Green (sexuality vlogger), Amanda Marcotte (feminism and atheism), The Bloggess
  • Podcasts: Atheists Talk (the radio show I host), Skeptically Speaking, Quackcast, Point of Inquiry, Skeptoid, Skepticality, Oh No Ross and Carrie, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Ask An Atheist

I had a good time. Thanks to the organizers of CASH for inviting me to speak! You do great work, and I look forward to attending more of your speaker events. Have fun with your Stone the Heathens water balloon fight this weekend!

Oh, one last thing. I gave the audience a chance to share with me their own blogs so I could cross promote them here. I spoke about cross-promotion of other atheists and atheist causes as one of the way to participate in online activism. I think we all forgot about it at the end and I didn’t get anyone written down, even though there were a number of people in the audience who indicated that they did have blogs.

So, in that spirit, if you have a blog or a website or a cause that deals with skepticism, atheism, activism (or similar – I’m not being too picky) or a personal blog that deals with these themes (even if only occasionally), I invite you to shameless self-promote in the comments today. I look forward to looking at your links.

Thanks, CASH!
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20 thoughts on “Thanks, CASH!

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    Well, shameless promotion here. I write at which has been a little bit off topic and more personal in the last few days, but usually is about atheists doing good, books, and psychology.
    My pet project, which appeared on FTB a few weeks back, is Evidence Based Education ( which commenters and lurkers should contribute to! It’s a database focused on reviewing psychology programs at universities and their focus on evidence (as opposed to alternative treatments)

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    Hey, cool! I just discovered you were here, and will start stopping by, I haunt FTB regularly. You are now on my list, Welcome!

    Ok, shameless self promotion:

    I call my blog The Cybernetic Atheist. I don’t always write about atheism, it gets mixed in with other subjects, but I’ve been an atheist for six years or so now, and am constantly posting and reposting stuff on my Facebook wall.

    Native Texan, living in Maryland, for 25 years now, working for the Feds (Thanks for the paycheck, folks!) at FDA. It took a while, but I am now closer to being a liberal than I’ve ever been, though I am still a shameless supporter of the Second Amendment.

    I’m a member of WASH, the Washington Area Secular Humanist group, and host a monthly discussion group in my home (advertised through for folks to come talk about current subjects of interest to the community. Mediated by a WASH Board member.

    This month, we will watch Lawrence Krause’s Universe from Nothing talk from YouTube.

    See y’all around!

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