Sloganizing Atheism: Apprentice

New Sloganizing Atheism!

To learn about the thoughts behind Sloganizing Atheism, read this brief post.

In the comments add your own original response or atheist/secular alternative to the sign o’ the day.

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As I mentioned in the first Sloganizing Atheism post, there may be prizes and/or internet points awarded for involvement at some point. If this picks up steam and I start having a steady supply of photos and participants there will likely be some sort of recognition for awesomeness.

Today’s photo and caption was submitted by FTB reader, Freebird:

…even if you want to bugger children, except if you’re gay, or say my name with a shitty attitude.

Sloganizing Atheism: Apprentice
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8 thoughts on “Sloganizing Atheism: Apprentice

  1. 4

    So Christians are God’s apprentices? So they can become gods themselves at some point, after they learned the trade? Is this a Mormon billboard?

    1. 4.1

      It’s a Star Wars advert. Sith apprentices aren’t fired. They either fail and die, or succeed and kill their masters, becoming the next Sith lord in the process.

      Scary thought: you’re God’s apprentice. You are going to kill your god and become a god in turn.

  2. 6

    But, unlike other apprentices, you get work manuals that are contradictory and make no sense, cannot join a union to work for better conditions, and will never make journeyman.

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