Sloganizing Atheism: Creation

New Sloganizing Atheism!

Sloganizing Atheism is a response to the elebenty gazillion in-your-face religious billboards, church signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts or other propaganda that I see every day.  It is an offense that religious privilege allows these advertisements to be accepted and go virtually unnoticed while we can’t put up one teensy tiny little bus sign that says “Atheists” without backlash.

You can play along by submitting photos of your own. If you see a religious billboard, church sign, bumper sticker, t-shirt or other propaganda, snap a photo of it and send it to bio_dork(at)hotmail(dot)com. You can either send along a response/atheist alternative slogan, or I’ll make one up. I’ll credit you by name for your contribution, or you can request to stay anonymous.

In the comments add your own original response or atheist/secular alternative to the sign o’ the day. As I mentioned in the first Sloganizing Atheism post, there may be prizes and/or internet points awarded for involvement at some point. If this picks up steam and I start having a steady supply of photos and participants there will likely be some sort of recognition for awesomeness.

Here’s today’s photo:

Billboard in the Omaha, Nebraska area says, “In the beginning God created…” followed by a photo of the Earth from space. There’s also a little picture of the Ascent of  Man with a big red “X” crossing it out.

Snarky Response:

In the beginning God created…a shit storm of violence and bigotry that persists to this day.

Sloganizing Atheism: Creation
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17 thoughts on “Sloganizing Atheism: Creation

    1. 1.1

      At first glance, I thought you were commenting on local reaction to the message of this billboard. Then, my Hitchhiker’s Guide inner geek kicked in.

      Good one, James C.

      1. DAMMIT! I can’t believe I missed a Hitchhiker’s reference! I wasn’t sure what James C. was talking about. I too thought that perhaps there been controversy over the sign. Well done, sir.

  1. 2

    In the beginning God created…

    Inflation? (Cosmic variety)

    Then S/He/It waited a few, er, make that many billion years before condensing the Earth, creating unicellar life evolving up to stromatolite sover eons, “exploding” into trilobites during the many hundreds of millions of years of the Cambrian, waiting more millennia for fishes to evolve and, hey, y’know “God” sure is a slow worker ain’t S/He/iT .. 😉

  2. HP

    Surely I can’t be alone among atheists/humanists in truly despising sloganeering.

    I kind of like “It’s more complicated than that,” as a humanist slogan, but I don’t see it going far as a rallying cry.

    In this case, how about, “In the beginning, God created conflict.”

    1. 4.1

      Nah. I think it’s a side effect of being a critical thinker. We want to explore all sides of an issue, and slogans are generally incredibly simplistic if not downright fallacious. However, they can be good for getting a conversation going, or putting the seed of an idea into people’s heads.

      At the Reason Rally I was chatting with a gentleman who was almost pulling his hair from his head every time a speaker came up and started a chant. He kept saying, “They’re not SAYING anything!”

  3. 10

    In the beginning, God was created to satisfy man’s desire to understand the universe. He has since ignored several eviction notices posted by Science, the new tenant who’s been footing God’s electric bills for years now.

  4. 11

    “There’s also a little picture of the Ascent of Man with a big red “X” crossing it out.”

    Oh, is that what that’s supposed to be? I thought the creator of this billboard just didn’t like the movie E.T. Your interpretation makes way more sense.

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