Skepticon 5 T-Shirts are (almost) here!

You know you want one.

Just click on the image below. And if you enter FtBFtW in the Special Code section you get a free gift. No, I don’t know what it is. But I’m going to find out!

T-shirts will go into production by July or whenever they reach 75 shirts ordered. So the sooner everyone orders, the sooner we all get our shirts. And FYI – last year they sold out of almost every size long before the event.

I went to Skepticon 3 and it was a blast. I was blown away by the professionalism, the organization and the quality of speakers that the conference attracted. My butt was in a seat from the first conference of each day to the last. The only speaker I missed was the o’gawd o’clock Sunday morning speaker, which is a shame because I do believe that was Brother Sam Singleton, and I’ve yet to catch one of his sermons at an event. But the name is accurate – this is a conference on all types of skepticism – religious skepticism and rationality of the nothing-at-all-to-do-with-religion sort. Joe Nickell was excellent, as was James Randi. PZ Myers presented a science talk. Deb Goddard spoke on diversity in skepticism. You can check out the list of all of the speakers from Sk3 (and all of the previous conferences) here.

Horrible photo of James Randi at Skepticon 3. This was back when I was using my HTC Incredible for all of my photography. I’m excited to be bringing my DSLR to Sk5!

Oh, and I should mention that this is a FREE CONFERENCE! The website tagline for Skepticon 5 is “the nation’s largest free conference on skepticism”. So after you order your shirt, make sure you put this event on your calendar (November 9th-11th), because if past years are any indication, Skepticon 5 is going to ROCK!

Skepticon 5 T-Shirts are (almost) here!
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