Reason Rally, Here We Come!

Wowza – We’re on our way to Reason Rally!

The Hubby and I got to bed waaaaay too late last night. Like, 12:45am this morning – that too late last night. 12:45am wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t needed to be  out of bed at 3:30am to get ready for our flight. We were freaked out that we would sleep through our alarm, so we set three.

Thank FSM for the sweet nectars that are coffee and hot showers.

One of the perks of the morning was being picked up in a tricked-out Jaguar, courtesy of a smokin’ hot deal on Groupon. The groupon made the drive to the airport in a luxury sedan half the price of what a taxi would have been. Sweeeeet.

The ride in the Jag almost made being up at 4am acceptable. No it didn’t.

The flight from Minneapolis was blurry and uneventful, and our connecting gate in Milwaukee was literally one door over from our arrival gate. Gotta love that. During the layover I was glued to my phone reading the #reasonrally Twitter feed. Unbelievably, the party has started without me.

While we were taxing out of Milwaukee, the guy next to me noticed that I was reading Hank Fox’s Red Neck, Blue Collar Atheist. He held up his copy of Victor Stenger’s newest book, God and the Folly of Faith, and asked if we were headed to the same place. And that’s how I met my new Minnesota Atheist buddy and Reason Rally flight companion, Greg (also he granted me power of attorney over his drink orders if he’s sleeping when the flight attendant comes by), Greg is also headed to DC for the Rally from Minneapolis. He’s an ex-evangelical, I was brought up a lazy Episcopalian. We disagree about the relevance of the Harvard Humanists, but we both agree that while C.S. Lewis got most things wrong, boy could the man write beautifully. We are both grateful for the work that FFRF does in calling out church-state violations, but agree with Sean Faircloth that we need to have our greatest focus be on illuminating how religion harms human beings.

I love this. The meeting of random freethinkers and sharing of ideas and experiences has begun! This is how I want the entire weekend to be.

Reason Rally, Here We Come!
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