#nudephotorevolutionary Calendar

Some incredible women made this.

Maryam Namazie, one of the bloggers here at Freethought Blogs had the idea for the project, and has description of the #nudephotorevolutionary Calendar and inspirations for the project at her website.

I am absolutely stunned by this demonstration of activism. My breath is taken away by the bravery and boldness of the women who participated in the #nuderevolutionaries Calendar. I can only imagine the depth of conviction that led Aliaa Mada Elmahdy to to post the first #nuderevolutionaries photo.

And that pisses me off.

There should be no courage needed to participate in this project. Hell, there should be no need for this project at all! I shouldn’t be so astounded to see these pictures of naked women being naked women. My first thought shouldn’t be “Oh, SHIT! I’ve seen some of these people before, and they’re just letting it all hang out!” followed by “Sure, there’s nothing wrong with nude models or strippers or (ethically produced) pornography or nudity on stage or at the gym, or … but I know some of these people! And they’re naked!

That would be my socialized shame about nakedness rearing it’s cowardly, judgemental stupid fucking head.

But thankfully, I have been made aware of my tendency to shy away from nakedness, to think that our bodies must be covered up because it’s polite. Doubly, triply thankfully I don’t have to struggle with religious guilt or have to work through any silly fear that female nakedness will tempt men to lust, that it’s a woman’s job to try to control the libidos of the guys.

But that annoying little voice in the back of my head still says “Huh. That sure is something.” So I bought a #nuderevolutionaries Calendar to spite that annoying little voice. I bought a #nuderevolutionaries Calendar as a big FUCK. YOU. to the culture that made that annoying little voice come into existence.

These women are awesome. And I owe them a debt of gratitude for standing up for womens’ rights to own our bodies, to do whatever the hell we want with them, to say NO to cultures, religions and busybodies from everywhere who would try to tell us that there is something wrong with our naked bodies, and who dare to impose legislation or stigmas on us to literally cover up their own discomfort. Thank you.


Join the ‘Scream’ on Facebook and on Twitter under the hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary.

The calendar is available for purchase at Maryam’s website, with proceeds going towards supporting women’s rights and free expression. You can also download a PDF.

#nudephotorevolutionary Calendar
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