Minnesota Skeptics Meetup TONIGHT

Tonight I’m hosting the Minnesota Skeptics “Drinking Skeptically” meetup. Now, this group has been around for years longer than I’ve involved, and the regulars would show up even if I didn’t, so what makes me the host? Because I have the free T-Shirts!

I’m going to be sharing some photos and talking about my experiences at Chicago Skepticamp, which I attended two weekends ago. As The Official Host In Charge Of Talking About Skepticamp And Handing Out Free T-Shirts, I invite you to join us if you’ll be in the area (or if own a molecular transporter. Actually, if you own one of these, contact me even if you don’t feel like coming to Drinking Skeptically, okay?)

You can get more details of the event at the Drinking Skeptically event page, but here’s the skinny: People start gathering at Be’Wiched Deli (the food, OMFSM, the food!) in Minneapolis at 5pm. At about 7:30, some of the group members wander across the street to Jager to continue our discussions. Here’s what our group is all about:

Had enough of astrologers, psychics, homeopaths, ghost hunters, aliens, conspiracy theorists, creationists, and snake oil salesmen? Yearning to talk with someone rational for a while? Skeptics are interested in critical thinking, science, and the psychologies of belief and perception. Come meet with local skeptics for some refreshing and sane conversation.

If you can make it, I’ll see you there!

Minnesota Skeptics Meetup TONIGHT
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29 thoughts on “Minnesota Skeptics Meetup TONIGHT

    1. 3.1

      Well, you’d kayak or jetski at least part of the way, I’m assuming. Maybe you can be here in time for the MN Skeptics meetup in December!

      Hey – since you’re in Oz (and because you have an internet) – have you heard about Shelley Segal? She’s from Melbourne and was just on our Atheists Talk radio show to discuss her new album “An Atheist Album”.

      1. Nah jetskis are for slackers. For the ocean part of the trip I’ll leash a pair of sharks and rig up some kind of floating sleigh, I can see no way that could go wrong.

        I have indeed heard of Shelley, there was a piece or 2 on her music on token skeptic a few months back

  1. kim

    Yea, well I had to go to the quarterly work pep rally and co-worker bonding event so I was a bit later.
    I should be there earlier next month and have more FSM trinkets. And some aliens. Because who doesn’t need more aliens?

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