CUP #25 Answer and CUP #26

Whew! You know, I’m still not a great judge of what you guys will easily guess and what will stump you! Doug wins yesterday’s CUP with his answer “Lily pad leaves.”

Congratulations, Doug, you get 100 points for your answer + 10 points for being one of the very few to accurately identify the lily pads!

Cate! gets 35 points for joining the lily pad contingent.

Ellie gets 30 points for guessing “Oil slick with lily pad”. A couple of people guessed something about “oily water” and I’m not giving as many points for those answers, because what we’re seeing close-up is just good ol’ fashioned surface tension at the edge of the leaves. But you still get more points than wrong answers if you guessed something about leaves/lily pads on water (oily or not).

Lance Finney gets 25 points for his guess “Leaves on water.”

Vicki gets 20 points for “oily water on a leaf”.

Algae, Goop, Goo, don’t get extra points, so Carly and Noelle get 15 points for playing, but no extra points for their guesses.

Erin gets +15 points for playing, but no extra points for Incredible Hulk “emissions” because 1) Eww. and 2) I expect pandering for points to be much more subtle. 😉

Michelle, while I adore you for adjusting your lunch schedule to compete in the CUP Contest (seriously <3), you get no extra points for that. You do get the normal 15 points for playing, though.

Lynn Reese, Judi, Whitney, Madeline, Heidi and Groundless Possibilities all get 15 points for playing, but no extra for guesses.

Awesome. I give myself +1000 internet points for stumping y’all!

Top 10 Ranking Players

With the last CUP, Erin bumped up to third place. Carly and Vicki held strong at first and second place, but Jeremy, Noelle and Michelle are close behind. I (finally) updated the tables on the CUP Winners page, so if you don’t see your name in the Top 10, take a look and see how close you are!

We’re not quite at the end yet, but Carly is only 260 (post-publishing edit: I mathed wrong) 270 points from the 1000-point finish line! And that mean’s it’s time for…

CUP #26

This photo is slightly different than previous CUPs. I didn’t want to just do a close up because then it’s just a powder that can’t be identified soley by visual observation; it could be a lot of things. So, I’ll show you the picture and give you a hint. I mean, a hint other than it’s a powder. This one’s for the older folks. Happy guessing!

CUP #25 Answer and CUP #26

18 thoughts on “CUP #25 Answer and CUP #26

  1. 3

    Agree, I’m with team fiber supplement.

    Other things I was thinking of: Tang, or the fine sand from the warm, sunny beach that I desperately wish I was lounging on instead of suffering through the MN winter.

    1. 3.1

      Side note, aren’t I 270 points away from goal I’ve been chasing for almost exactly one year now?

      Also, OhEmGee I can’t believe I’m so close!!!

  2. 10

    Umm – fiber power? Metamucil? Benefiber? Generic Target brand (although, I use that and it isn’t quite that light…)?

    Stop laughing. I’m not that old, my fiber is simply very important to me.

  3. 11

    Doesn’t matter the brand – it’s designed to keep the shit regular! Really?? Older people??? (sighs) Although it could be onion powder, which would be far more tasty!

  4. 13

    Nestle Quik? Texture’s wrong for Ovaltine, and it’s not dark enough for hot chocolate mix (at least the kind *I* buy), wrong texture for powdered milk, and a little too fine (and wrong color) for sugar. And it’s not “stacking” right for flour. Hmm.

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