CUP #23 Answer and CUP #24

You all owned me yesterday. I mean…you guys just annihilated that CUP. In deference to being incredibly, thoroughly owned I am awarding 20 points to everyone who played yesterday on top of the points listed below.

Lance was quickest with his answer of “carpet” and is awarded 100 points. Lance is on fire, y’all.

Okay, now we have a lot of additional points to award…

Ellie was the first to specify berber carpet. That is absolutely correct. Ellie gets 25 points for a correct answer plus 10 points for specificity.

Then Judi upped the bar for specificity with her answer “I’m even going to go so far as to say it’s industrial strength carpet found in the hallway of your apartment complex or place of employment or in your car!” Judi gets 25 points for a correct answer plus 15 points for specificity. This carpeting is found in the jury assembly room in the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis.

The following people guessed “carpet” and may have even included something about “berber” or “office” or “commercial” in your guesses. You do not get additional points for these because Ellie and Judi beat you to it. But you do get points for siding with Team Commercial Berber Carpet: Michelle, Noelle, GroundlessPossibilities, Erin and Vicki all get 25 points for correct answers.

Carly and Jude decided to be different. *shakes head sadly* You get no points for nonconformity, you rabblerousers. You get 15 points for playing. I’ll give Jude an extra 5 points for somehow working Tourette’s Syndrome into the comments. There’s no logic here…it just seems right.

Top 10 Ranking Players

Alright, so that CUP might not have been too challenging, but I enjoyed your answers and putting points to them. Well done, everyone! Thanks for playing.

And we’re off and running for CUP #24.

Oh, but before we get there I have a quick housekeeping note: I’m going to cut the CUP Contest for the weekend. I’ve been jonesing to do some other writing for the blog, so I’m going to take a break from CUP over the weekend. We’ll be back for the answer to #24 on Monday at noon. I’ll leave comments enabled until sometime Sunday evening. At that point I’ll close them so I can score and get the CUP Winners page updated.

Without further ado, may I present CUP #24! 

What are we looking at?

CUP #23 Answer and CUP #24

16 thoughts on “CUP #23 Answer and CUP #24

  1. 4

    the swiffer head without a swiffer cloth. Also, a friend of mine wants to offer up ‘trophoblast’ as a weird word and i will give you a gold star is you know what that means without googling it (although i’ll have to doublecheck with her because i already forgot)

    1. 4.1

      What I remembered off of the top of my head: A trophoblast is a type of cell found in an embryo.

      Answer: Wrong, but close. Can I have half of a gold star?

      Wikipedia sez: Trophoblasts are cells forming the outer layer of a blastocyst, which provide nutrients to the embryo and develop into a large part of the placenta. They are formed during the first stage of pregnancy and are the first cells to differentiate from the fertilized egg. This layer of trophoblasts is also collectively referred to as “the trophoblast”, or, after gastrulation, the trophectoderm, as it is then contiguous with the ectoderm of the embryo.

      1. damn, Wikipedia is just so thorough sometimes 😀 you can have a who gold star, .5 for sorta remembering and another .5 for doing the research!

      2. I also want to point out how close the time stamp on my reply and Lisa’s reply are. cause I’m trying to break into the top 3 and i coulda sworn I was the first to get this one!

        man i need a life.

  2. 8

    Whatever it is, I’m guessing that it’s circular, from the placement of the bumps.

    So it’s a physical representation of a logical fallacy.

  3. 10

    I’ll say swiffer because everyone seems so sure, but I don’t own one and therefore lack personal experience.

    My first thought was the texture bumps on the sole of footy pajamas.

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