CUP #22 Answer and CUP #23

And we’re back!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday. The following people get 40 CUP points for telling us about your favorite or favorite giggle-inducing words: Lance, Noelle, Michelle, Judi, Ellie, Erin, Carly. Carly gets an additional +5 points for starting a poop conversation in the comments. Noelle gets +5 points for dedicating her long thread on pelican poop to me over on Facebook yesterday. I really did enjoy all of your words and stories; thank you for sharing them.

CUP #22 was guessed fairly quickly by CARLY with her answer “looks like a net, perhaps one used to clean out swimming pools/hot tubs.” It is, in fact, a pool skimming net!

Well done, Carly! Carly gets 100 points for winning CUP #22!

Erin gets 25 points for siding with the Team Pool Net.

Ellie, GroundlessPossibilities, Michelle and Doug get 15 points for playing, but no additional points for their guesses.

With this most recent win, Carly has managed to jump up to third place, shifting most players down a place or two. But the race is tight at this end of the rankings. One can only wonder where Jeremy and Vicki have been for the past few days, and if their absence will continue, clearing the way for other competitors who are hot on the tails, such as Noelle, Erin and Michelle!

Note: The CUP Winners page has not yet been updated to reflect current scoring and rankings.

And now for a new CUP.

I can’t directly embed mp3s in this blog, so be dears and click on the 5-second video below:

Thank you so much!

May I present…CUP #23!

CUP #22 Answer and CUP #23

19 thoughts on “CUP #22 Answer and CUP #23

  1. 6

    Dang it! Stupid working over lunch. I too think it might be carpet, but I’ll be different and guess sweater. Or maybe mitten (hee hee)!

  2. 8

    What Ellie said! I’m even going to go so far as to say it’s industrial strength carpet found in the hallway of your apartment complex or place of employment or in your car!

  3. 13

    Could be any knitted thing…

    I was going to say carpet or sweater, but then I read the comments and saw both those guesses were taken.

    So I’ll quote Sister Tulip from The Truth and say it’s a —-ing cure for Tourette’s —-ing Syndrome t-shirt.

    And 5 internet points to [i]you[/i] if you can identify the —ing literary allusion.

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