CUP Contest Update

Sorry gang, I’m swamped beyond all swampiness and can’t do the CUP post today. I’ll pick it up tomorrow at the normal noon time.

I appreciate you stopping by, so everyone who leaves me a comment below will automatically get 40 points towards the CUP rankings. BUT – it can’t be just any comment! Tell me at least one word that makes you giggle, or a word that you love to read or say, and if possible, why you love it or it makes you giggle.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! See you tomorrow at noon!

One word that makes me giggle is “poop”. I love it when grown-ups use “poop” as an expletive.

CUP Contest Update

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    Does it have to be English? My favorite word in Russian is парикмахерская (something like Par-eek-mach-ker-sky-ya). It means hairddresser.

    I’ve always loved that a word that is simple in English and French has six gutteral syllables in Russian.

  2. 3

    One of my favorite words is onomatopoeia. Mostly because when I think it (or, regretfully, even out loud occasionally), it turns into a sentence: “O no! Ma to poe I a!” A completely gibberish sentence.

    My favorite foreign word is the German word for fork – Gabel (pronounced kind of like “gobbel”). When setting the table as a little girl, I’d mutter the word under my breath, pretending I was a table-setting turkey.

    I was a strange child.

  3. 4

    My word is breakfast. My bird loves to sit in his cage and say “want some breakfast?”. It’s really cute and you can’t help but laugh. Even my friends are in on it now. I have a couple of them that say it to me anytime we talk about going out to eat.

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    There’s a line in a Noel Coward play about the difference between “lascivious” and “lavacious” is the placement of the tongue. I like words that can be played with because they have multiple meanings our multiple levels of meaning.

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    i feel put on the spot! all the responses above are so interesting and erudite…. Oooh ‘erudite’ is a good one! I also like diminutives! For example in Polish, adding ‘ek’ to the end of any word makes it cuter!

    1. 7.1

      Okay,Carly. “Poop” is funny. “Poop on a stick” is just gross. 😉 I say that jokingly, but it really is more horrific than good ol’ “poop” because I think of the times that I have literally had to dig and scrape out the crevices of my gym sneaker with a stick after stepping in dog poop. Yes, I said *times* plural. Blech.

      1. hee hee. you’re right. How about poop on a shingle? Doesn’t quite have the same ring as shit on a shingle though.

        Also, I don’t know if I can eat Fudgesicles after this exchange… Ew! 😛

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