CUP #19 Answer and CUP #20

Let’s find out who’s still playing on the weekend, shall we?

The winner of yesterday’s CUP is CARLY, with her answer of “pepsi sign on abeverage cooler!”

I thought I had taken a picture of the entire vending machine, but apparently I just zoomed in on the logo. This is one of those 6-7′ high machines that you can find in many cafeterias.

I very specifically was looking for a Pepsi logo on a vending machine. The dots in the close-up image are specific to that type of printing and surface. But I’m giving it to everyone who guessed anything to do with the pepsi logo/soda can.

Carly gets 100 points for posting the first completely correct answer, plus 5 points for being fricking adorable in her commentary on her typing error.

Steve (from Facebook), Vicki, Jeremy, GroundlessPossibilities, Noelle, Ellie, Michelle, Whitney and Erin all get 25 points for correctly identifying the pepsi logo.

GroundlessPossibilities and Michelle get an extra 10 points for siding with the beverage dispenser/vending machine crowd.

Jeremy gets +5 points for being silly. Jeremy you would have gotten more points if you had made a joke about Sarkozy’s height and something about how this is what a regular pepsi can looks like to him. 😀

Well done, all!

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There will be NO CUP on Sunday! The answer for CUP #20 will be posted on Monday.

CUP #20 – What is this crazy thing?

CUP #19 Answer and CUP #20

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