CUP #17 Answer and CUP #18

Okay guys, I had computer issues last night, so I didn’t get the scores tabulated from yesterday. Hopefully I’m going to get my RAM installed correctly this evening and I’ll have access to my scoresheets at that point.

But, you don’t care about that – you want to see the answer to yesterday’s Close-Up Photo!

And the answer is….

I would have accepted “top of a coffee carafe”, “the depressor on the top of a coffee pot” or something similar. I am not selecting one 100-point winner today because I thought Erin had it, but upon closer inspection it wasn’t quite right, but she was the first to move away from the popular “Stapler” answer. Then Whitney was close, but the wording was a little wonky, then I believe Christopher’s answer was spot on, but posted many hours later than Erin and Whitney.


I am awarding 50 points to Erin, and 75 points to Whitney and Christopher. Congratulations, you guys. Also, you all drink too much coffee. 😉

Also, Erin gets an extra 10 points for refering someone new to my blog who commented and referenced her.

Everyone else (Steve from Facebook, and Carly, Vicki, Doug, Noelle, GroundlessPossibilities, and Ellie) gets 25 points for playing.

And now for CUP #18!

What is this?

Happy guessing!

CUP #17 Answer and CUP #18

12 thoughts on “CUP #17 Answer and CUP #18

  1. 4

    I actually had a dream about this one last night… in my dream I was wrong, it was actually a “paper stretcher”. I have no idea what that could be, or where that came from, but I knew my guess was wrong! 🙂

  2. 6

    I don’t think it’s scissors since it looks like it’s lying on gray shag carpet, it would be too big for that. I think they are handles to a bag or purse.

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