CUP #16 Answer and CUP #17

In the final hours of the contest, Ben Zvan, first time player nails the answer to yesterday’s CUP:

The back of a waverunner/personal watercraft/jet ski, specifically the steering nozzle. It’s what makes the jet ski “go”. From (bolding is mine):

When the engine begins to run, it turns what is called an impeller, located inside and to the rear of the jet ski. The impeller is composed of curved blades, much like a propeller, only they take water into the jet ski rather than push it out. The blades of the impeller turn at a rapid speed and suck in water through a whole in the bottom of the jet ski. This water is then propelled out of the rear of the craft through a movable steering nozzle. The water comes out with such force that it puts pressure on the water outside the craft. Equal pressure is then exerted on the water craft, and it is pushed forward. In most jet skis, the impeller can be reversed in order to slowly move the jet ski in a backwards direction.

Okay, here’s how the points are going to work out:

Ben gets 100 points for his correct answer plus 50 points for being a new player. Welcome, Ben!

Everyone else (Judi, Vicki, Ellie, Doug and Erin) gets 25 points for playing and additional points go out to:

Noelle – 5 points for noting that the “motor part” seemed awfully clean. I thought that was a heck of a clue!

Carly5 points for randomly saying “jet” in her answer.

I will update the CUP Winners page with the new points later tonight and post the rankings tomorrow.

And now for CUP #17!

What is this?

CUP #16 Answer and CUP #17

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    Kuerig (or other type of pod) Coffee Maker (the arm of the lid part that pushes the pod down). I think it looks too dirty to be a stapler

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