Road Trip: The House on the Rock

It’s time for another adventure!

I’m heading downtown now to catch the MegaBus. *shudder* I’m not a huge fan of riding the MegaBus; they sell incredibly cheap seats (I bought a ticket to Madison for $5), so families with lots of kids tend to ride. Also, the last time I rode they oversold the bus by TEN SEATS, and it took the driver an hour-and-a-half to sort everything out. Also, on my last two experiences people were noisy and rude – they pushed, talked loudly on their cell phones, and wandered the cramped aisles of the bus rather than stay in their seats, jostling anyone who happened to have an aisle seat. But $5 ticket to Madison. So there you go.

My Mom, who is in the middle of an EPIC solo road trip (Southern Illinois –> Washington DC –> Chicago –> Minneapolis –> Seattle and back to Southern Illinois), is going to pick me up in Madison tonight, we’re going to stay overnight in a hotel, and then tomorrow morning we’re going here:

House on the Rock is an odd collection of rooms that contain odd collections of items perched on a literal rock in the middle of a forest south of Spring Green, Wisconsin. It factors into Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods, so in honor of the trip, that’s what I’m rereading on the bus ride down.

After we tour the HOTR, Mom and I will drive together back to Minneapolis. She’s visiting for two weeks and I’m going to take her EVERYWHERE  that she’ll let me take her during that time:

  • Minneapolis Raptor Center
  • Minnesota Orchestra
  • Minnesota Opera
  • Beyond Therapy @ Theater in the Round
  • MN Zoo and IMAX
  • Social Science at the Science Museum of Minnesota
  • MN Arboretum
  • Walker Art Center
  • MN Institute of Arts (MIA)
  • Mall of America Aquarium and shopping
  • St. Louis Park outdoor mall off of 394
  • Dinner with The Hubby’s family
  • CONvergence (She already has a ticket!)
  • Gay Pride Parade and Pride in the Park
  • Padelford Riverboat Mississippi River cruise

Did I miss any of the big ones?

So excited. Love me some Mom time.

Road Trip: The House on the Rock
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6 thoughts on “Road Trip: The House on the Rock

  1. 1

    That is a great list!
    I’ll also be at Social Science and CONvergence, so you may bump into me.

    I’d also recommend

    -Stone Arch Festival of the Arts this Sunday
    -Drinks at the Foshay Tower
    -Wandering the Mill City Ruins
    -Canoeing the Uptown chain of lakes (Calhoun, Isles, and Cedar)
    -If she’s around on the first Wednesday of the month, “Sample Night Live!”

    Yay Mommy time!!


    1. 2.1

      Aww…she’ll be gone by the time we have our next Drinking Skeptically, BUT…I will bring her out to the Social Science event that we’re all going to AND to CONvergence and SkepchiCON.

  2. 3

    I haven’t been there in over 20 years, but my first visit to House on the Rock flabbergasted me. I had no idea what I was getting into and I loved it. For several years thereafter my wife and visited that amazing “House” whenever we were near enough and had the time. I’d love to go back to see what they’ve added since my last visit.

    A Faraway View

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