CUP #11 Winner

This was the photo shown in yesterday’s blog post:

And this week’s winner is once again a NEW player. Welcome and congratulations to LAURIE, who was the first to guess “Is it part of the handset of a telephone?” Yes, Laurie. Yes it is.

In addition to winning 100 points, Laurie gets an additional 10 points for being a new player.

A welcome and 10 points also goes out to a new and very special player, Paula, aka The Woman Who Gave Me Life, aka Mom. Hi Mom!

Welcome and 10 points also to Madeline, who was the grand winner of the First World Problems Contest held earlier this year. Thanks for joining the CUP Contest, Madeline.

Alright, now for the rest of youse guys.

Jeremy, Carly, and Paula all receive 10 points for playing, but no extra points for their guesses.

Doug gets 20 points for a technically correct but unspecific guess and 10 extra points for being a new player. Welcome, Doug!

Steve (from FB), Madeline, Cate!, Noelle, Vicki, Michelle and Erin all get 25 points for posting correct answers. Congratulations from me and this guy:

I’ll update the CUP Winners page later this evening, but for now I have tallied the current rankings. Jeremy is still in the lead, but only by a scant 50 points! Nine of our players have 100 points or higher, five have greater than 200 and two have greater than 400 points.

You guys RAWK. Thanks for playing!

CUP #11 Winner
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