HRNK! Funny Photos

I have two funny photos to share this morning.  These are good way to start the day.

Although I have no specific affiliation with or affection for bagpipes or Scotland, this picture found on a friend’s Facebook page made me laugh so hard I thought I might pee.  Well, I mean, I *did* pee.  But that was over an hour later and in a wholly deliberate place and manner.

This second picture is a photo I took at a liquor store in Roseville, MN.  I want to know where the third person is for the Menage à Trois wine; There’s only two in the advert.  Is that why the Menage à Trois is being sold for the low, low price of $8.98?  (Why couldn’t it have been 8.69?  WHY!?)

Okay, okay.  I did a little google research, and apparently the wine takes its name from the fact that it mixes three “varietals”, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Moscato (in the case of this blend).  The two dancers are the logo for the company that makes the wine, “Folie à Deux”, which is a cute name for a company, because in psychology, folie à deux is a “a condition in which symptoms of a mental disorder, such as the same delusional beliefs or ideas, occur simultaneously in two individuals who share a close relationship or association.”  It’s even cuter because the winery was started by two psychologists.


PS  – I’d love it if you would vote for your favorite First World Problem in this Biodork poll. Your vote will help determine which of the finalists wins a $25 @Kiva giftcard!

HRNK! Funny Photos

81 thoughts on “HRNK! Funny Photos

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    I have also noticed the menage a trois label, probably at the same Roseville liquor store. I always assumed that the third one in the trois was me, and that the figures of the other two were more of an invitation than a representation.

  2. 3

    My parents owned a sailboat named the Folie à Deux because it was a mad crazy thing to buy and own. My dad was a psychoanalyst so he thought it was extra funny. I brought them to the vineyard when they were visiting me in california and they were totally excited.

  3. 4

    You got a laugh out of me with the menage a trois wine. I see that in stores where I am from and I think it is funny. Although I have never bought it. Maybe I would if it was 6.69 but it is way higher than that where I am from. Thanks for the laugh.

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