Nice ad, Macy's!

Yay, Macy’s!  I was flipping through a Macy’s advertisement this morning – which I usually don’t do, but I was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, plus they had a kick-butt $10 off coupon on the front cover of the ad, so why not?

A few pages in I ran into a page dedicated to the clothing and accessories and saw this:

No, not the shoes – the beautiful, curvy, plus-size model in lingerie.  I thought, “Oh, I must have found the “women’s” section (read: the plus size clothes), but no!  There are no other lingerie or clothing ads in the pamphlet.  Macy’s chose to use a plus-size model as the only lingerie model in the entire ad, which is pretty awesome.

Maybe people are starting to figure out that not only can curves be sexy, but that it’s even okay to admit it!

Nice ad, Macy's!
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3 thoughts on “Nice ad, Macy's!

  1. 1

    Yay for curves. I was just looking at a magazine we have here called Grazia and on the cover is one of the actresses from Mad Men. She’s making lots of headlines because of her UK size 14 and 38E bra size. In a way, it’a great news but on the other hand it’s really awful that most women with normal curves are made to feel inferior or even FAT because they do not look anorexic. Trust me, I know this from experience, as a teen, I collected eating disorders. Yay for curvy girls 🙂

  2. 2

    Maybe people are also beginning to realize that in order to properly display the full functionality of a bra, it should be worn by women with breasts, not models who’d make do with a postage stamp for full support.

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