Glenn Beck Comparisons, part deux.

I am annoyed with Glenn Beck and his recent “restoring honor” rally which took place in Washington DC this past weekend.  The gross thing about Glenn Beck is that he exploits peoples’ fears and encourages the stoopid. 

On Cafe Witteveen‘s blog I watched this video interview of some of the rally’s attendees, and the stoopid just hurt.  And made me laugh.  And gasp.  And gape.  But mostly it just hurt.  Some of my favorite of the attendees’ statements included:

On Islam and its subversive effects:

  • “Islam’s not just a religion…it’s a lifestyle.  It’s economic, it’s judicial, it’s religious, it’s a comprehensive lifestyle.”  (Unlike Christiantiy, right?  BTW, the dude who said this was wearing a T-shirt with “GOD” printed on the front.)
  • “I learned all I need to know about Islam on 9/11.”
  • “I think he (Barack Obama) is Muslim at heart.  He only joined the Christian Church in Chicago for political gain.”

When the reporter asked how far away from Ground Zero would it be appropriate to build the Park51 Islamic center:

  • “Further away than three blocks!  How about a hundred miles away?”
  • “They’ve got more mosques in New York City than you can shake a stick at.  What the devil do they need another one?”

In reference to immigration:

  • “We have no idea what’s coming into the health safety of this country.”
  • “All I know is what my sister tells me.  And she’s in Arizona.”

In reference to our down economy:

  • “We go down, the world is going down behind us…” (a pause to reconsider) “…except now for China, for example; they’re doing very well.”

*sigh* As one of the commenters, Jude, wrote: “I despair for our species.”


This is leaping across the interwebs like wildfire in response to the fact that Glenn Beck’s “restoring honor” rally was scheduled on the anniversary of, and in the same location as, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  The Other 98% has put together this lovely infographic comparing MLK’s and Glenn Beck’s credentials as civil right’s leaders.

Glenn Beck Comparisons, part deux.
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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Comparisons, part deux.

  1. 1

    I always enjoy your point of view and applaud your sources. I’ve been way too busy to follow the discussion about the Ground Zero Mosque on a level that would allow me to comment in any way.

    Still, as a non-US citizen, I often find it amusing (albeit sad) how people here can utter any of the above-mentioned pearls of wisdom and at the same time pound their chests with proclamations of love for this “Land of the free.”

    1. 1.1

      I know, right? There’s a gentleman on the video who says “This” (meaning the States) “is the last bastion of hope!” The reporter asks him completely straight faced something along the lines of “Nowhere else? How about Canada?” And the guys says “No, THIS is the last bastion of hope – God shed his light on thee!” Apparently he thinks “God shed his light on thee” means on American soil, but definitely not anywhere else, like on Canada, for instance. Maybe that’s why it’s so friggin’ cold up there.

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